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My track bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by UDLOSE, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Here's my trackbike project. It's an 07 cbr600rr with 14,000km. Bought it a year ago with fairing damage, it's had a number of lowsides the poor thing.

    I originally bought it for my gf and lowered it. She found it was still too big and powerful so I put standard shocks back in it again and I'm turning it into a tracky.

    So far the mods are;
    Jardine carbon slip on
    eBay pazzo levers
    HRC rear brake tube
    -1/+2 gearing
    K&N filter
    GP shift pattern (stock 'sets)

    In that form I took it to the creek (full road trim) but I was still 5 secs off my best lap time on my old daytona. I dialed in the suspension on both bikes myself but it's early days with the CBR so I can't hold too much against it.

    So phase 2 is it's about to run out of rego so now the road gear is going and doing a few mods that I can't live without (used to the 675 setup).

    So now I'm adding;
    Race bodywork
    Woodcraft GP shift rearsets
    Braided brake lines
    Quick turn throttle

    I'm currently in the process of fitting the race fairings (Chinese ones which makes it more fun). I'm waiting for my other parts to arrive.

    The next step will definitely be the getting the suspension professionally resprung and valved etc.

    I can't help but to feel the 600 is still down on power compared to the daytona (the 675 was tuned). It feels like the 600 has more peak power but it hasnt shown in my top speed, lap times or quarter mile times. I really want to get a powercommander and full system to try and make the bike grow some balls but the other stuff is more important for now. The main goal is to get a bike that's set up right for me then I'll worry about trying to make it powerful.


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  2. Good project. looks like a lot of fun
  3. Nice one. I think you'll see your times improve as you get used to the 600 vs 675 power curve and the riding it demands.
  4. Both great bikes, what happened to your D675? and whats you GF riding now, now that youve taken her ride lol?...................
  5. should of brang it here, work on both of them :)
  6. True, I only started on it yesterday! I gotta get it ready for Marulen! Gotta finish off the mounting ASAP so I can start painting. Andrea won't let me do it flat black booo. I'll do it and just tell her it's temporary.
  7. You do realise it's my birthday trackday don't you and I expect a present:-s....

    Bike is coming along nicely mate still no kawasaki but nice :LOL:
  8. Looking good mate.

    No doubt with more tracktime your lap times will come back down. If you're not getting enough drive maybe gear it down more.. perhaps an extra tooth off the front. The 675 has spoiled you with its strong mid range :]
  9. I sold it for 3 reasons. 1) I needed to pay tax bill 2) I was wanting to do more track days and it was too nice to risk or to convert to a tracky. 3) the bike/numberplate was blacklisted and known to the cops at mt white, doh! I sold my good parts to raven, handed in my numberplate and sold the bike in standard form for decent money.

    If I really wanted to keep it I could have but I decided to build a proper track bike and buy cheap moddest road bike to stay out of trouble on. So I used the cbr and bought a VTR1000 for the road.

    Ill get Andrea another bike in summer but don't know what.. There's not much choice tho we are thinking another baby blade.

    A minute silence for my old triumph, sold it to a young p plater do it's probably written off.

    Here's a pic of the firestorm too.

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  10. better paint it pink then :)
  11. I'll get you a nice Honda shirt?

    I forgot to mention that I do have another sprocket on the way. Definitely needed for Marulen but probably good for EC too since I wasn't topping out on the straight.

    The other thing with the 600 is I kept dragging my toe scraper due to the standard rearsets, so I'd get it over but I'd pussy out when I'd hear scraping and wouldn't lean it as far as I wanted too which was obviously forcing me into wider lines. I run my toe pretty far over the peg as you can see in the OP pic, if I moved my foot it wouldve given me more clearance but I didn't want to try a different style while trying to learn a new bike. I just put up with it and dreamed of rearsets. The shift feel of the Honda is bad, hopefully the rearsets will stiffen it up.

    The change to GP shift was a great move though, I'll never go back. I converted my VTR to GP shift aswell so that I'm used to it.
  12. Good call getting the vtr for the road. My SV has toned down my pace as its satisfying to ride at legal speeds, unlike the blade which wasn't rewarding until you're doing 'do not pass go, go directly to gaol' speeds.
  13. I've finally got the kit finished off! Now it's all stripped back off the bike ready for a dodgy can job.

    I've got the woodcraft rearsets fitted and the braided lines on. Seems like stuff all but I've been flat out.

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  14. I'm pretty damn jealous mate. That bike look great. Would give my leftie to have a track bike. Never done a track day. Do blokes on normal bikes have a go as well? Or are they all tricked out bikes like yours. Would be keen to stick the CB400 around a track
  15. Thanks mate, yeh plenty of normal bikes go too. You'll still have a great time
  16. Can P platers ride the Daytona 675 or is he close to getting off them??? Love the Daytona and definitely want to get that when I am off my Ps.

    The track bike looks awesome, coming along nicely :) I assume being in Sydney you take it to Eastern Creek?
  17. Nice. I was thinking you needed to make it black, otherwise you're leather wouldn't match anymore ;)

    You going matt black for that hardcore look?
  18. Looks great mate. Good call on the rear-sets, I had a big low-slide on my zx6 after not following that advice.

    What tyres are you going to run?
  19. Yeh I was scraping the standard gear last time. They improve the shift feel and throw drastically too.

    I got a pair of pirelli sc2s on it now that I got off Trent (ONE), I'm very happy with them. I've got a set of warmers coming too.
  20. I threw the bike back together to get it to a track day. I went to the little Marulen track and had a ball. I don't know if it's due to the bikes weight loss, my suspension dial in or the tyre warmers but it was handling great!! I knocked a second off my best time from last time, it's the first time this bike has out shined my old 675 which I'm pretty happy about.

    I didn't have time to fit my quick turn throttle which I really needed. The rearsets felt great.

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