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My Tourist Trophy pics !!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Yes, I had lots of time on my hands tonight . . . . :grin:

    Tell me what you think !

    Check out the detail !! Greg, are you getting a woody !!! :LOL:

    Imitation of gevasco ! :grin: . . . .wrong side though ! :p
    And the indicators are still there !

    . . . told ya there are scoots !!
  2. :LOL:

    death wobbles on a Gixxer !
    . . . too much gas going over the crest on El Capitan !

    going the long way around . . .
    hmmmm . . . Ducati !!!

    . . . this game rocks !!!!

    Haven't figured out how to do wheelies and stoppies yet !
    heck, i might stay up all night tonight and take more stills !
  3. graphcs look great. Probabl buying a PS2 today + thisgame because of this thread. Afterall, it's cold, long weekend + Im at home letting my arm get better. So, off to get this today!
  4. Just pull back on the stick or dpad the 600 will pull up, and just push forward on the stick under brakes and she will pull stoppies. I won the zx10 trickstar suzuka 8 hour bike last night, she pulls wicked wheelies just gotta becareful else you end up on your butt poretty damn quick with that one. Just go into arcade mode pick any 1000 soup them up and you be popping wheelies all day long :wink: :wink: :LOL: :LOL: But your dead right it is one wicked game
  5. i'll give that a go.

    I just woke up, can you tell i've been on the game all night.
    Gotta love long weekends, also the weather is crap outside. . . .
  6. Great looking pics you have there Mickyb :grin:
    Just a reminder to keep pics in your posts to a maximum of 3 tho ;)
  7. geez your a hard task master flipper.. for this game i think we should make exceptions.. cause damn they look good!

    i just found out my bro didnt get rid of the PS2.. im gunna be off to get this game verrry shortly woooooooohoooooo!! i was actually gunna go buy a PS2 for this game. now i dont have to.
  8. Just bought a PS2 + this game. If I cant be on the track (for a while) might as well do it in the comfort of my own couch ;)

    vroom vroom!
  9. got the wheelies going !!

    Go the Aaaah-6 !!!

    Up against the MV Augusta !!
    Its the only time I can thrash a Black Limited Edition !! :LOL:

    For Ninja lovers !
    I can't get over the attention to detail !! Look at the cowling detail !!
  10. You boys have too much free time; I'm still trying to get my scooter through training mode :LOL:
  11. Hey Micky, 3 pics per post!!! Count em' 1, 2, 3 ;)
    Ronin, I may be a hard task master but I can assure that most of the other mods would simply delete the post and/or thread ;)
  12. oops, forgot about the 3 pic rule ! :grin:

    heres the love tap . .


  13. I reckon Dennis would love this while he is in hospital !
  14. He would, I'm sure, but the people in the other beds might object :LOL:
  15. I had to 180 bucks aint to much considering the game you get tp play :wink: :wink: Sweeeeeettt :cool:
  16. I am think of buying a PS2, tell me how much should I be paying. I've looked at Dick smith's (forums doesn't like him:grin: :grin: ) website and it states $200. (is that right ??)

    Also could someone please tell me how much this game is a :wink: also if you know how much Grand Turismo 4 is.

    Thanks guys :grin:
  17. I just traded in four old crap games I had in the draw and got it for $49.95 at EB :wink:
  18. Only 85 bucks at BigW - bought my copy today :)
  19. Tourist Trophy

    Well on Sunday i was hanging around Harvey Norman and saw TT (tourist trophy) and contemplated spending $100 because i generally just 'back up' games. Anyway i paid for it and have been playing with it since Sunday. Its not too bad but it would be nice to see bits of platic flying of the bike when u overshoot a turn and smack into a barrier.

    Graphics are pretty amazing and its just fun to watch the replay of yourself doing 200km/ph down the entire straight at valencia. Oh that brings me to another point. There are only a few proper race tracks - from memory Valencia, Suzuka and a couple more.... no phillip island :cry: