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my touring bike (purchase) the start of my outback obsession

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by CBRider, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Ive been getting sick of this CBR1000 sitting on a (new) peice carpet in my shed, its a good bike the engine is like new hits warp speed in 1/2 a second, but its almost inbarable as a tourer. Iknow its not built for it but i gave it a go anyway its wont take dirt roads, you cant carry alot on it, you rooted after 10 hours at 8:00 and you have to be up at 6 to ride another 800K's home for work the next day. So now the CBR and the XR will be sold to make way for a D/S bike to do some long distance touring and camping on.
    Now 3 months ago a freind and i decided we would start touring the outback and really what Australia's about and just get away from it all on a regular basis. We started to look for bikes to do this on now the market for these bikes is not huge, and knowing this before we started we knew there would be compramises. Off to KTM we went sat on a 950 felt good, looked like arse colour was horrible but that was ok, the bike was so top heavy the suspension was not real flash on the road the price was a bit steep so it wasn't ruled out but i didn't love it either, we also looked at a 640 and was no good due to reliability.
    Next was Honda and Triumph, both bikes definatly looked the part in the show room, the triumph was out due to no warranty on dirt road for their "ADV bike" so i jumped on the 700 Transalp the seat was too low as was the bike, but the power was good suspension was not too hard and was a good all round bike with a nice engine but the tank at 17L was probably going t be too small, eventually ruled it out due to clearance, suspension and overall hight.
    Suzuki, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi and yamaha were all instantly dismissed after looking at the bikes in the showroom and seeing them around on the net, V Strom was ridden but was a soulless animal that can only be described as meh..!
    I know this is turning into an epic but ill now go onto discussions with various people that have done it, seen it, worked on bike sthat have done it or beed around a while and this is what shitted me the most. People in general have their opnions but they are so contradicting, V Strom would be good because of 22l fuel tank but it has cast wheels, what about the transalp no because that dosnt have a 21 front wheel, ok what about an 800GS nah it dosnt have a shaft drive, ok then 1200Gs nope it far too heavy and it has telilever, what about a HP2 no because its a boxer, 950's are too top heavy, but a KLR or a DR would be great :shock: for weeks on the road i think not!
    So after all this i went to BMW in Ballina and spoke to the mechanic who was verry informative and was straight up about all the issues with the bikes, what to look for and what would suit me and my needs. A week later i went back and spoke to the sales rep who was more than happy to offer their demo's to see if they coud help, this is when i climbed on the F800GS and i was shocked to find that this bike had everything i needed or wanted good engine, ergonomics with the tall seat but will go with the 1.5' rallye, brilliant gearbox and reasonable suspension. Half an hour later i return with a massive grin on my face claiming that this is the bike!
    After discovering that its no more expensive to maintain than a jap bike due to common chain and sprockets, easy to chainge filters and common oils etc. this bike was looking even better. The bike wasn't without its problems though small ones but problems, it dosn't come with a bash plate, hand guards, crash bars and the BMW systems cases are made of plastic but most of the will come from Touratech when i get the Zega cases and rack so problem solved. All of this comes with a price :? the bike itself is $16750 +onroad, so it and all the stuff i want would be arount 20K.
    Well theres the start of my outback odessy, i should be taking delivery of the bike in a month or two and will be headed out to Birdsville via Bourke and Thargomindah after the run in and will keep this dary going for mainly myself any anyone else whos interseted.

  2. Great post. Glad to hear you found what you wanted. Wish I could afford one. :grin:

    Will you change your name to F800Rider?

  3. Great choice :cool:

    Look forward to some pics, not only of the 800GS, but the trip as well :grin:
  4. You made a good choice in the BMW.

    This one is over 420kmiles ( about 670 000 km ) on the original engine and still going on one his longest jourinie


    PS if you have some time have a look at his blogs its a good read.
  5. Yeah the R1100GS's are dead reliable, im a bit heasitant to say the F800GS rotax engine will be as reliable/dependable/ trouble free, but i dont think there should be any problems but ill be ordering a spare fuel pump incase and i should be set for several hunderd thousand K's of "relatively" trouble free motorcycling. :grin:
    EDIT: another thing im doing that may prolong the bikes life a bit is getting it remaped to run on 91 instead of 95 octane, you lose about 2hp everywhere but it is a sacrafice im will to pay to eliminate detonation on bad fuel, regular or just dirty fuel from jerry cans.
  6. err, whats wrong with a boxer motor?
  7. Nothing, i was saying i think they will be more reliable than the upright twin, but its in no way worth the extra 9K.
  8. I picked the bike up on tuesday, rode it all day yesterday and it is the best bike ever!
    I left Bal at about 8:30 filled up in grafton and followed along the old Grafton/Glen innes rd about 200K's of dirt, rocks, sand, grass water crossings to Glen innes for linch and followed the Gwyder highway down the Gibralta range to grafton and up the summerland way to Whippore and onto Woodburn then Ballina.
    By the time i got home i had done 230k's easy dirt/sand/gravel and about 300k's on the black stuff. The bike was incredible, the engine seems fine and its alot more stable than i thaught it was going to be. There are a couple of thing that go to me that i should be able to fix without too many problems, The forks need variable rate springs, the center stand needs a heavier spring, the brake fluid resivior needs to be moved and a steering stabilizer would help somewhat with fatigue at higher speeds on dirt.
    i didn't take the pic as i didn't have a camera with me. I'll get some pics of the bike up soon.
    A pic of the convict tunnel i saw on the road, this is probably the only maintained part of the road about 8k's out of Dalmorton.

  9. Goodonya mate, I've been seriously considering getting one of these myself. Dirt roads/tracks open up a whole new world.
  10. Thanks for the update. Sounds great. Keep it going. :)