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My 'tour' up 'north..well, as far as Yea :)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Nickers330, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Hi fellow netriders,

    Well, with work getting in the way of my social life, as always, I've been delayed in posting my trip to Yea, 23rd June.
    Started out from around the Epping area to Whittlesea, then Kinglake West, continuing on further north to Yea.
    The entire route can be seen in the link below :


    The weather on the day began with clear blue skies, a soft breeze and what promised to be splendid riding conditions. As always, the road to Kinglake was magnificent...very few cars, with the only real challenge being the slightly damp roads from overnight rain.

    The road 'to' Yea was stunning...beautiful countryside, but again with similar bushfire-recovery appearances as Kinglake etc. On the way to Yea, the cloudbase seemed to be lowering and the chance of rain was becoming a threat. So no pics during the fang there. However, yes, for 'proving' purposes :cool: , there are some snaps of my quick visit there :

    The Gixa...

    Parked outside Yea Bakery

    Healthy lunch, eh ?

    The ride from Yea back down south was rather eventful. Less than 5km away from the Bakery, in a side street leading to Melba Hwy, I was pulled over for a RBT, as mentioned in an earlier post. Then at various stages of the journey, the annoying 80, then 60, then 40 km/hr zones, all leading to traffic light stops - lots of construction in the areas south of Yea. The bike's cooling fan was working overtime, with one set of lights stopping myself (and keen truckie behind me) for 7 minutes ! Twas very tempting to make a run for it ! Albeit the bike being warm, one of us had to remain 'cool' and before I knew it, Coldstream was on the near horizon.
    The ride ended at Carlucci's on Anderson St, where I parked the now slightly dirty bike (damn roadworks, wet roads and mud everywhere!) and pulled in for a coffee.
    All in all, a great day on the saddle - WE had a lot of fun....who's we ?
    My Gixer and I, of course !

    Can't wait for another opportunity to gear up and head out for another fang ! Anyone riding up that way, or elsewhere, and who is keen on having another set of wheels join in, please let me know.

    Safe, happy riding to you all. Bring on the warmer weather !
  2. Tour... lol @ that :LOL:

    Nick, Melbournites are doing that weekender up that way every weekend... infact, thats all a lot of them do....beautiful countryside and lots of dickheads using it as a race track :mad:

    anyways... go to the "VIC Ride and Event Announcements" part of the forum and hook up with a few of them there... they have weekly coffees during the week and plan other weekenders etc ... they'll see you right ;)
  3. Yeah, I laughed myself when calling that a 'tour'.
    I am in/out of the country very regularly, so any 'longish' ride for me is like a tour. I simply don't have time to ride often, let alone get very far. I'm undertaking a conversion course with work(overseas) which will last at least 3mths, meaning sadly, that I won't be able to ride, let alone meet any fellow riders during this time.
    I have been accessing the VIC rides forum very frequently, and when an opportunity exists, I will make every effort to get out and meet as many as I can.
    Hope my post managed to 'lighten' up your day, and yes, it is a shame lots of riders excessively speed on these roads.