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my thread was deleted in Whirlpool....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by alwayseric, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. i came back from a shopping village this morning and saw "something". then i posted it on whirlpool forum. many people responded when i checked half hour later. just now when i checked again, i found it was gone, deleted.

    it is about driving, road rage, etc. i will repost it here if i have the mood.

    i was furious, WTF, delete my valid thread again which many forum users left their opinions.

    i reckon some mods think of themselves as GOD, policing the forum on their will.

    it is deleted, not just closed. i cant even check what i wrote what the other people commented.
  2. That's nice, dear...
  3. Someone please delete this thread.
  4. lol, there there bro it will be ok!
  5. Everyone, stop the Internet! We need to get to the bottom of this pronto!
  6. So you came back from shopping,and posted about driving and road rage ?
    Wow ,and it got deleted !
    I wish my life was that exciting.
    I doubt it was deleted-prolly nuked from orbit.
  7. You need to immediately get yourself over to netrider.net.au and post about how NR is so full of d1ckheads
  8. Thanks for this useful post...
  9. Yeah, nice going guys:

    Now we will never know...
  10. But remember not to introduce yourself, they love it when people do that.
  11. That's because they don't tolerate dickheads. This thread is a case in point.
  12. I'm guessing they have deleted some of your posts before by the quote....

    Maybe they dont like you? Or they are finding your topics not relevant...or just plain bad....

    It's not that big of a deal buddy, there's plenty of places to vent your frustration and anger.... But coming on here an sookin up about it probably ain't the best move in the west.
  13. And in another forum not this one.
  14. Can you only say you saw 'something' because you didn't see it clearly ?
    Was the 'something' doing 68 in a 60 zone?
  15. Who ****ing cares?
    They call it whingepool for a reason.

    The only reason i ever go there is to check if everyone's internet is down, or just mine if i have an outage.
  16. Whos the Mod here? Carn ya cahn! Dare you to delete this biatch!
  17. nah leave it, the general public is expressing their feelings towards the whinge :)
  18. You need to post your whinging rants on an internet forum, not in your washing machine. Posting these types of threads in your washing machine or even your fridge would benefit society greatly but if you want them to annoy people, choose an internet discussion forum rather than household whitegoods.(y)
  19. why'd you come here and whinge? wouldn't it be better to post a thread on whirlpool and whinge there.. and if it gets deleted again just keep re-posting it until you're b7.

    Goodluck on your future endeavors.
  20. Mods playing God ?
    Oh perish the thought