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My thoughts on the 04 GT650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thecptn, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Well Ive had the GT now for about one month, I cant say I've ridden it in all conditions, nor have I taken it to some twisty sections, so it is not really a review review but rather my limited experiences on this bike, so please bear with me..

    Motor and performance: ive been in a few quick cars in the past, but I must say it craps on any thing with four wheels, motor is torquey and strong, as a daily commuter you will have no trouble over taking cars, in fact I can easily pass as low as 3000 rpm onwards, twist the right wrist harder to 4-5 k the bike starts to go quite quick, and gives ya a nice smile, how ever twist it to 6-8k and that's where it really kicks in and says lets dance! I can literally feel the g forces in my gut area at 8k and onwards to red line at 10.5k, god damn exhilarating i tells ya! almost had the front wheel up (accidently), I seem to get 250K-ish to the tank on a 14L on PULP

    Sound: the previous owner fitted a factory sports pipe, it has a damn sexy growl that is akin to a v8, sounds very throaty and menacing, gotta love the popping on engine braking, sounds horn :)

    Brakes: frankly, I do find the stock brakes a bit "woody" front feels fine for me, but the rear is quite spongy, it almost feels like my viragos rear drum brakes! def need different pads and some stainless lines (adds to never ending wish list)

    Clutch: to me personally it feels a bit snatchy, it is definitely not some thing that would be happy to be ridden on all the time, a few times it has a emitted a rather unpleasant metallic grinding sound as I rode the clutch at slightly higher rpms, still getting used to it.

    Handling: OK...I'm no pro rider that can get the knee down like Rossi, still riding within my limits and all, I'm quite pleased with the handling so far, though it feels heavier (and is) the the SV650 (I've sat on one) I actually find it easier to ride at low speed on the 650 than the 250...go figure.


    finish: even though I've only been riding for a relatively short time, the finish doest seem..nice, don't get me wrong, it just that...well, the welding, the actual welding to me seems fine, but they didn't bother to remove the splattered aftermath of the welding and just sprayed over it!

    For some reason mine has noisy valves, must get them adjusted, not really a complaint, just really strange to see the valves noisy at 8k on the clock (for me any way) oh, did I mention, this has quite a lot of engine braking, I find it quite difficult to ride at 1st and second at low speed, some thing I've got to get used to I suppose.

    The head lamp is all made out of some thin plastic, even the clear lens is, kind of reminds me of those cheap dollar shop torches that breaks after turning it on, it also seems to have very slight rust spots on the frame area, that can be removed by some autosol.

    Any way, that's my micro review so far of the bike, sorry if it wasn't up to par of what a proper review should be, but it should give you an idea of it, I personally feel, Hyosung should focus more on quality control, not that its terrible, just needs that extra elbow grease so to speak to make it more up to scratch, I guess after a few years time, they will start to improve more, neither the less, its a fantastic bike, I actually feel safer on it than my 250, it gets quite a few looks front the 2 wheeled comrades, riders come up to me and ask me how it goes and all.
  2. Thanks for the review, keep us posted.
  3. No worries mate, I also forget to mention one thing, the manifold between the carb/s and inlet port is made....out of rubber! now ive looked at quite a few motors in my time, and ive never seen a manifold made out of rubber! not even on my 94 virago, to make matters worst, the left hand side manifold is cracked around the clamps, some thing I am very concerend about, just hope it doenst rupture and spill fuel all over a hot engine :shock: *touches wood* also I noticed the actual manifolds flex about very, very slighly when the engine is idling, i am not sure how a flexing manifold affects performance, but they could of used plain old cast iron for the manifolds.
  4. LOL I have only seen two bikes where the manifold was NOT rubber!! one was the CT110 and the other... some old Honda...

    The flexing is normal this is done so that the vibrations from the engine don't rattle the carbs to pices...

    As for the crack... when the bike starts running real bad that will be the first thing I would be looking at... thill than if it revs out fine to the redline... forget about it it wil not spill petrol on to the engine... quite the opposite it will suck air in.
  5. Ya learn some thing every day I tells ya :LOL: