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My thoughts on my new CBR1100xx Blackbird

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Well as some of you may know I picked up a low k's 2003 Blackbird about 2 months ago and have only just come off restrictions so as I have been riding her for a couple of weeks I thought I would put my thoughts about it down on paper/screen.

    Well first things first the most immediately noticeable thing about the Blackbird is the weight..at approx 225 kg dry they are not the lightest thing around and it does take some getting used to...you learn as I did that nosing into a downwards sloping parking spot is a bad idea...trying to shuffle 225kg backwards on the balls of your feet is a biatch :evil: . Once you learn to make allowances for it though it's a pretty easy bike to ride slowly and do low speed filtering with...it's pretty balanced just when splitting you just need to remind yourself that the mirrors stick out a fair bit and they are $600 each...so banging mirrors can get expensive!.

    The thing that takes the longest to get used to is the riding position...compared my old Hornet it is very much head down bum up...which I find puts alot of pressure on my wrists...i'm sure that eventually I will get used to it and if not a set of VFR or Helibars will make those long rides a bit more comfortable. Leg room is a little cramped on long rides if like me you are over 6'2" unfortunately there is not much room between the seat and the pegs which is a common complaint for taller riders...lucky for me one of the guys on a Blackbird forum has started machineing up new footpegs which unbend your legs a little and apparently make it a lot more comfy. The factory windscreen also tends to direct a fair bit of wind under my helmet so a double bubble screen will be finding it's way on to the bike soon. I see these as minor points though...no bike is perfect for everybody..besides blinging her up is half the fun

    This is the fun bit...the Power is HUUUUGE. It is a serious weapon when you crack the throttle but at the same time providing you are sensible it is VERY easy to ride...The first time i rode her was down the GOR to Apollo Bay the power delivery is very linear with no real surprises and inspires confidence until you get to over 7k...then she really gets moving. This makes riding in traffic a doddle, split to the front and need to make a quick getaway...no problems...in fact in traffic away from the lights it's hard to stay the right side of the limit :shock: . Also after coming from a carby bike...I love fuel injection...engine cold, no probs thumb her into life she settles into a fast idle until warm and then returns to normal when warm...although the neighbors must hate unbaffled staintunes at 7am every morning

    Build quality is a Honda strongpoint and the bike is extremely well put together...it's nice to have a digital speedo and analogue tacho which not only looks great but is also easy to read. I'm sure she will be just like my Hornet was and provide me with the same level of reliability too. Black paint looks awesome when clean but commuting everyday will see her getting dirty quick...we shall see how long the novelty of washing her every second day takes to wear off.

    Anyway...those are my thoughs so far...I'm sure as we get to know each other better I'll be back to add some more

  2. Thanx for the update.

    I always enjoy a good bike review.
  3. Well all i can say is welcome to the Hypersport world.. :grin:
  4. Oooh, and a positive review swings me back away from the ZX10R towards the Blackbird as my next bike... it is too hard to choose :(
  5. Dude, totally awesome. I've been in awe of those bikes and their like forever. Hopefully one day I might own one. But I need to get my first bike first lol - I'm gunning for a Honda CD250, long story. But yeah, you taken your ride for a top-speed run yet? How fast?