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My thoughts on HEMA listed roads in NE Vic and SE NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. After our long weekend away camping with the bikes, I thought I'd post my opinions on the roads/rides listed in the 2nd edition of the HEMA Motorcycling Atlas. We used the Atlas as a basis for where we were going to ride to each day, but did not plan anything as weather, road conditions, possible bike issues and fatigue are all factors on long trips. The rides listed below are the ones that we covered the weekend of 21st to 24th of October...just in time for summer riding trips!!!

    57 - South Gippsland Hwy from the Bass Hwy to Sale 210kms

    Boring...wouldn't bother with the extra kays as I don't think its much more exciting than doing the Princes Hwy.

    47 - Great Alpine Road from Bruthen to Bright 206km

    Fantastic!! This is what riding is all about, mid twisties from Bruthen to around Ensay (log trucks are your enemies here), fast sweepers from there to the top of Hotham (watch for stock on the roads) and then incredibly tight and very downhill turns to Harrietville (again, watch for trucks, caravans and 4WDs that often seem to be on your side of the road). I always breathe a big sigh of relief when I've finished that part :oops:
    This is one of my favourite rides (up until the side of Mt. Hotham Embarassed )

    55 - Redbank Road from Redbank to Tangambalanga 43kms

    At the Redbank end of this road, there is a quite pretty and reasonably fun 10 kay stretch of road, but from then on, its mostly dead straight with a heap of cow poo on the road from stock crossing. The road surface is quite good and the few times I have been through, there has been nothing on the road (i.e. roadkill, debris, etc). There is a short section where the road narrows, but is still wide enough for two lanes of fast moving traffic. Very little traffic, especially on the weekends, although during the week there is a bit of slower moving local traffic. Probably the only reason to do this road is to avoid any blue attention....

    53 - Murray Valley Hwy (east) from Wodonga to Corryong 121kms

    We only rode this from around Tallangatta, but I have ridden all of it in the past. Its a lesser version of the Murray Valley Road (next report), but a bit of fun in sections. Definately not challenging, with fast sweepers and good surface. There tends to be a lot more heavy traffic on this road and it can be difficult to get past the trucks and caravans in some sections. The local we met from Bullioh said that the boys in blue like to sit in the section around Berringama (where the pine plantation is) as it is a particularly fast and good fun section.

    52 - Murray River Road from Bonegilla to Corryong 147kms

    This has been a long time favourite of mine. Extremely fast, open road with good vision through most corners. The road surface is very good as it carries far less heavy traffic than the Hwy just to the south. I love it!

    20 - Corryong to Tumut 146kms (we only rode to Tumbarumba 66kms)

    OMG...what a crappy road! Boring, pretty poor surface with potholes, large, poorly patched sections, gravel and falling-away shoulders. Not interested in doing this one again. One really challenging road off this one is Elliot Way from 17kays south of Tumbarumba to Kiandra....quite a technical road with pretty much no traffic when we went through (admittedly it was early on a Monday morning). The only two problems with this one was the large amount of rocks on the road from the cliffs and the fantastic views into the valley and the Talbingo Reservoir (apparently a trout dam with reasonable camping area if you're into that sort of stuff! :wink: ).

    23 - Kiandra to Khancoban 79kms

    An excellent, if dangerous (at times!) road. Amazing scenery..we had a few photo stops on this road :LOL: . The danger was mostly from vehicles coming in the opposite direction and some rocks (again) on the road. This is the road we had the close-encounter-of-the-old-blue-pajero-kind :evil: . We also had some hairy moments in bad places with very large trucks moving very quickly through pretty twisty sections. This road is quite narrow, but the surface was in reasonable condition. There was no roadkill that I came across and no debris on the road. I would like to do this road again.

    49 - Whitfield to Mansfield 63kms

    This is a good fun road!! For some reason, I have memories of this road being extremely tight, but its not really like that at all!! (...don't ask....my head is full of all sorts of rubbish most of the time! :LOL: :roll: :oops: :LOL: ). The last few times I went through, there was a bit of gravel on the slower corners, so we took it easy through there this time. Of course, there was no gravel, but it is something to be aware of if you haven't been through before. I don't know if it's just me, but I have difficulty with the corner that has the pylon at road level and nothing between you and the dropoff at the side of the road. I highly recommend this road, although its a fairly unexciting trip to get there from either direction. We came across gravel in the very fast sweepers coming into Mansfield, which very nearly saw me come unstuck :shock: .

    41 - The Black Spur Narbethong to Healesville 22kms

    Need I say more???? I *really* enjoy this road when there is no traffic. We came through on Tuesday afternoon and pretty much had it to ourselves. Excellent surface pretty much all the way through. Only danger being the last bend before it slows to 80kays as you ride into Healesville. The inbound lane is deteriorating rapidly right on the good line and is difficult to see in the shade.

    Some roads I would like to recommend that are not in the HEMA Motorcycling Atlas that we covered.

    Tawonga Gap Road (C536) between Bright and Tawonga approx. 22kms

    Apart from the fact that I was proposed to on this road :wink: , I think this is a great riding road. There are two lookouts which are well worth stopping at for photos, especially on a sunny day. The surface is great and the twisties are excellent fun! We make a special effort to cover that road at least a couple of times if we are in the area!!

    Granya Gap Road (C546) between Bullioh and Granya approx. 15kms

    A great way to get from the Murray Valley Hwy to the Murray Valley Road. Good surface, bugger all traffic and great fun twisties!

    Elliot Way (no road number listed) between halfway between (I know that's really poor grammar :oops: ) Tooma/Tumbarumba and Kiandra approx. 45kms

    See report for ride number 20 (Corryong to Tumut). Well worth a ride, but be careful!

    I was also wondering whether anyone has ridden the road from Walwa to Shelley through Guy's Forest as an alternative to the Granya Gap Road. It looks pretty good on the map, but you never can tell! :wink:

    I hope some of you find this useful. We would have missed the road to Tumbarumba if we knew about that and headed to Jindabyne or similar that night. However, if we hadn't gone there, we wouldn't have found Elliot Way!

  2. great roads

    Hey thanks for the info. 5/6 of us going that way mid jan for 4 days of heaven. sounds like some great roads.
  3. Have you planned our honey moon yet Lilly, ?
    We can go away on the bikes and miss out all the boring roads this time.

    Maybe my bike will hold together and your wont keep falling over.

    So if your not doing anything on the 26th January I reckon we should get married......sounds like a plan....

    Then we can head off on the bikes for a week. Yeeeehaw :grin: