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My Test Rides`

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by althasaur, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Hello,
    Just had a look at a brand spankin' new kle500 in Parramatta today.
    Man what a ride.
    Compared to what I am riding now it is such a different bike in riding posture, style, power and handling.
    Had trouble the first few times to put my foot on the pegs, rather than the actual levers... :) but soon got it all worked out.
    The bike I believe certainly has enough power for what I want it to do. Which is mainly commuting to work and home, with the odd rough road every now and then. I managed to "lift" the front end giving it a squirt in 3rd to get through some lights to keep up with the dealer.
    After seeing LWD my wife wants to go around australia so it would be a good learning bike for that.
    Going to have a look at a suzuki gs500f but fear it may be to small for me.

    Why arent there more road bikes in the 500cc categorie? and under $8k? Versys to to expensive, er6n is to much power at the moment. Perhaps they dont want to kill the used bike market?
    When I test this gs500f ill post another report under here.
  2. Manufacturers probably don't see the point. Learners might still be in the 250cc mindset, and people who want something bigger are attracted to the 600SS class. There might not be much of a market for mid-sized bikes.

    That said, the GS500's pretty popular. I don't see why people woudln't go for the mid-size learner bikes.
  3. I went from a 250 to the er6n and had no problems with the power. Its very linear and manageable at low revs.
    It doesn't take long to adjust. Running it in under 4000 rpm is like riding a 250 and by then you are used to it.
    but the kle500 was on my list and looked good until I rode the er6.
  4. bikepoint have one for $6,490 + ORC at Alto Chatswood :cool:

    Great price, but unless you want to go potholed roads often, why not a 650 Strom? Purely price? IMHO the Stroms plenty of bike for the money
  5. Went into Action Motor Cycles at Parramatta today, to have a look at and ride a gs500/f (prefer an f). A lot smaller and still felt like I was leaning forward to far. Also they would not let me test ride a new one unless I was pretty well looking to put money down right now.. :(
    They had a naked one they were going to let me test ride, but it was sold.
    Also not exactly happy with the service, had to wait a while to be served but apart from that it was ok.

    Found out I have been approved, so now the hunt is on to find a bike quick smart... :) prefer on the road with a bit extra for under 10k

  6. I share your pain ... I think 600+ ccm is overpowered for commute and occasional touring, takes unnecessary fuel and weight.

    I wanted to spend about 8000 for a new bike and I'm really glad I waited and got Versys a few months later. It was certainly worth it.

    Fuel economy is great, performance ... overpowered for me :), handling superb!

    I often think - if this bike was 400ccm, it would be my dream bike !!

    DO NOT BUY KLE 500 - it's crap - with its ultra small tank and hyper huge thirst you will barely get 200km between fill ups ... So I've heard.

    I've also hear they're going to be discontinued in favour of Versys (?)

    KLR 650 is probably better choice than KLE 500, Versys tops them all indeed :)
  7. you can get versys for 11000 on road now (Sydney)
  8. Versys Colour

    I wish this bike would come in black or red like other countries
  9. I bought a KLE in October last year. It is used mostly for commuting (around 80k per day) and it is brilliant. As stated above fuel consumption can be a pain (15l tank) and I refuel twice per week but I don't find that a real problem.

    I have started riding with a group on the occasional weekend and I top up around 230 the 250k mark. Usually takes around 9l at that stage so ecomomy isn't to bad. It does improve when you get past the 4000k mark. You need a rest after 200k anyway. The only downfall is that the seat can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes but you get used to it.
    One of the guys I ride with (they are nearly all half my age) said they were surprised I could keep up with them but I never felt extended or out of my depth. It's not a rocketship but the upright position is comfortable especially in traffic although you do feel a little like a sail over 120.

    Strange thing I found since I started looking for a bike and looking at the KLE is that the criticism is usually from people who don't own them. Owners all seem to love the bike. For a new bike under $8000 I don't think you can seriously overlook them.

    Reviews of the Versys indicate that it is a really nice bike but you can do a lot or buy accessories with the money you save. They have been running them out for a while now, push a little and you should be able to get one for a really good price.