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My Ten

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  1. #1 Flatbush, Sep 1, 2015
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    My Ten

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  3. Mmmm 04/05 model. I hope to find a nice one of these to call my own one day
  4. #4 Flatbush, Sep 2, 2015
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    Thanks Lionz(y)

    You'l love it. Treat it with respect though as they are a very fierce
    creature. (^^^)

    In the US the 04-05 ZX10R has the dubious distinction of
    having more insurance claims than any other bike ever made.
  5. Affectionately known as the "crim".......
  6. The last 3 digits of the engine number are 666... It's possessed by a speed demon.
  7. Haha that's gold.

    Or it may be due to the fact if you ride it like you should you'll end up in jail.
  8. The fist time I heard a Gen 1 ZX10R called a "crim" was on the US
    site ZX-10R.Net.

    Perhaps they were popular there for use as an armed robbery get away vehicle.
  9. Nah from what I know I've them it's because to ride it like you should you'd be a criminal.

    The next model was called Gumby due to its likeness to Gumby.
  10. The same applies to all bikes, even Honda Step Throughs; so
    that cant be right.
  11. Sweet bike! Good shot too, Oh the temptation. Will stick with my "relatively" docile VTR