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My Tassie Ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by sillygit, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I just got back from doing a loop of Tassie and I thought I'd share the route we took and any observations I had along the way. The route was based on the one in biatch'n Bitumen but we made a few changes based feedback from local riders and other we came across along the way.

    All in it it was just under 2000km of awesome riding over 5 days...

    Next year I think we'll give the east coast a miss. There were some nice roads but overall the west and north coasts give a much better bang for buck!

    Day One
    Route: Devonport to Strahan
    * Easy introduction up to Somerset and down to the T intersection off to Waratah.
    * Cops with radar setting up for Rally Tasmania (got a wave from them).
    * Savage River road nice but a lot of gravel on corners. One of our group came unstuck on one of the corners. He was thankfully alright and only a few superficial scratches on his bike.
    * We met a bunch of guys who'd been doing a Tassie trip each year for the last six years. The suggested we check out the road out to Reece Dam and gave the guy who came off some shit (which was piss funny).
    * Stayed at Cray's Accom. which was very nice (we'll stay there again next year).
    * Excellent steak in the local pub and the local talent was impressive as well. ;-)

    Day Two
    Route: Strahan to Hobart
    * The ride out to Reece Dam was amazing with verrrry fast open sweepers on a basically deserted road (watch for petrol).
    * Road from Reece Dam to the A10 was also excellent but there were a lot of pot holes which were obvious but still off-putting. Also road works...
    * Anthony Road was awesome. Fast sweepers with some tighter stuff thrown in for good measure. Oh and the view was good too...
    * Had lunch at Derwent Bridge after a very nice ride through World Heritage area. Had some nice sections of roads but the most impressive thing was the scenery.
    * Some nice twisty sections before getting to Hobart.

    Day Three
    Route: Hobart to Bicheno
    * I'd say this was a waste of a day except for the road to Lake Leake. OMFG! 66km of incredibly fast open sweepers! I ended up doing it twice.

    Day Four
    Route: Bicheno to Devonport
    * Cold morning with drizzle which made the roads a bit treacherous.
    * Had breakie at the pancake place on Elephant Pass which was nice.
    * Ride to Scottsdale was hampered by the poor weather but I bet the roads would have been awesome if it was dry.
    * A few of the staff came out of the servo to tell us about an unmarked cop car doing the rounds. We saw them pulling over some car going the other direction... only the third cop car of the trip.
    * On the advice of a local rider we met at lunch we took the road to Lilydale instead of taking the A3. One of our group is still a newish rider and doesn't really dig the really tight stuff yet and the alternate route had more open corners...

    Day Five
    Route: Reece Dam via Cradle Mountain and back
    * The climb up to the plateau contained some very twisty bits.
    * Road out of Moina to Cradle Mountain was excellent. Reminded me of the Black and Reefton spurs in that it was tree lined, twisty with a good surface.
    * The plateau contained more very fast open sweepers.
    * Headed to the Waratah Pub for lunch. Owner was also a rider and he and some other locals suggested we check out C138 (we didn't get time in the end but we'll check it out next year).
    * Then down to Reece Dam again. This time no road works although still plenty of pot holes...
    * Headed back to Devonport via Cradle Mountain and Wilmot. The road out of Wilmot had a great view of Cradle Mountain etc. Was a nice twisty road as well.
  2. That would have been an awesome trip.

    I think you'll find though it was Mt Roland at Sheffield you could see from around Wilmot. You can't see Cradle Mountain from there :)
  3. Definitely Mount Roland - I have sometimes confused the 2 myself as they both have a similar " saddle " appearance from certain angles.

    Hope you enjoyed Tassie!
  4. You're probably right, I'm not to sure what I was looking at. There were several rocky mountains and a picturesque valley with a large river running through it... :)

    Tassie is nirvana! Non-stop twisties, amazing scenery, friendly locals and no draconian cop presence!
  5. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself :)

    Pity it you had rain on day 4. I reckon the Tasman Highway from St. Helens to Launceston is one of the best roads on the island.
  6. mmmmm Lake Leake Road :grin:

    Once ridden, you need a bigger head to fit your smile.
  7. Lake Leake Road is great fun! It's also worth going South from Swansea to Hobart along the east coast.

    The Pancake Barn at Elephant Pass is a Tassie institution.

    The West Coast is amazing, but the coarse road surface will chop your tyres, but it's worth it if you get the bike cranked right over and wear the sides off them!
  8. For a really good road guide written by a local......


    Another good road is from hobart, up through new norfolk and mount field to strathgordon dam.

    There is nothing out there but a dirty great dam and a power station, but the road is awesome.......

  9. May have been a wise move - I found the A3 quite fearsome last time. But fun.
    What a great trip!