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My SV650 Racebike that went BANG!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Yeah, well, last weekends Round 1 of the Vic Titles ended for me before the start of the event.

    Some piks of my engine.

    Where the starter motor used to be


    There are bits that go round and round inside there


    What happens when the starter motor gets punched off into the oil cooler


    In all their full sized glory!
  2. electrical problems

    the piston knocked the alternator off the outside of the engine

    jeez, mate, that looks expensive; complete new engine? What caused it to blow up so massively???
  3. Oh thats rough!
  4. Er, yup! Expensive alright. Even 2nd hand units are outrageous, but without an engine, it's a doorstop.

    What broke it? It was being raced at the time, might have been one too many over rev's, a mechanical flaw or just damn bad luck.
  5. Holy Crap!!!!!!!

    Owwwwch indeed.

    What's the way forward mate?
  6. 1 up, 5 down.
  7. Even after that you still have a sense of humor :LOL:
  8. one of the trucks in my crew did that 2 years ago, oil everywhere, EPA attended....what a nightmare!
    by the time the motor stop revolving, it had nearly sliced itself in two :shock:

    hope you get back on the track soon cejay :)
  9. Can I have your exhaust, rear shock, fairings and tyres please? :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Don't you mean, "Gosh I'm sorry, Cejay, you can have my engine." :rofl:
  11. No, but I forgot - can I get your gold valve emulators too?

  12. Condolences.
  13. Sorry to hear Ceejay ...
    OUCH ! that gotta hurt. :(

    :rofl: @ phizog
  14. ^ +300

    Sorry to hear the bad luck :(
  15. make him a Mod !
  16. Damn your engine is clean :shock:

    Any luck with finding a replacement yet?
  17. :shock: Some pretty tough damage!
    So are we going to have a "Help CJ back onto the track" ride, where the proceeds go to his poor bike? :LOL:
  18. i'll buy the tuono, for the same price as the 'blade, that should cover costs :grin:
    :p :p :bolt:
  19. Cheapest option is probably to buy race glass for the Tuono! :grin: :wink:

    Tough luck CJ, need to find those corporate sponsors..............Kachiiiing$$$ :grin: