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My Suzuki SV650S at Sydney Dragway

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Crash Dummy, May 19, 2011.

  1. Well I had fun :)

    This is my second ever time on the drag strip. The first time being on my Aprilia RS125 where I ran a 14.9 @ 86mph

    Last night I ran a best of
    60 ft - 1.910
    330 ft - 5.022
    1/8 mile - 7.692 @ 90.75mph - 146.05km/h
    1000ft - 10.070
    1/4 mile - 12.146 @ 107.39mph - 172.84km/h

    Quite a bit quicker then I was expecting. The 11 second mark was so close I could taste it but couldn't quite refine my launches enough to get it out of the hole faster. There's more in it yet because I'm not looking like bogging the engine and I'm not carrying the front wheel either.

  2. Missing a ] after the first youtube tag...
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    Mate that's a good 60!! Your MPH is correct for your ET, it pretty much says your riding it properly. Great job for a first time out. I was thinking of going last night too.

    Ps: here's my vid from the drags. I like your camera position better, mine was getting in the way and slowing me down.

  4. awesome! SV650 for the win :D
  5. So awesome. Thanks for posting that up!

  6. You're missing that rubber strip from your screen.
  7. Awesome stuff dude.
    Watching that run made me think of an old clip i seen.


    It not a bike but an unusual view of a top alcohol dragster.

    Though you might like it.
  8. Wow that's fast. That's just stupidly fast. :D What's amazing is Top Fuel dragsters are even faster!
  9. Now that's an understatement lol!
  10. What bike was it that flew past you in the left lane? Your result is good, but it made you look slow.........
  11. It was a quite newish looking Yamaha R6. If the specs I have been able to find are right it would have been sporting somewhere in the vicinity of 122hp against my 70hp :)

    That was the general feel for the night with all the bikes I'd run against. I'd charge hard to just before the 1/8th and that's where they'd really get into the meat of their powerband and start charging past.