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My Suzuki Across rocks!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Isnt it about time we bagged the Suzuki Across riders again? :grin:

    Ok top 10 reasons to own an Across....

  2. He he. :LOL: Subtle. :cool:
  3. It's a handbag suitable for your shopping.
  4. Postwhores!!! :grin:

    +1 :twisted:
  5. Is an Across
    a cross you bear for having made a poor purchasing decision?
  6. I said that to my girlfriend as we passed my friend's Across in his driveway, on the way to knock on his door.

    Her, naively: "Ha ha, that's funny - I'm going to say that to him!"

    Me: "No no no no!"
  7. I think Gromit has fallen asleep while riding his 'Across'....bit too much excitement for yer there fella? :p
  8. It made him across into asleep. Into a deep a sleep.
  9. OI!... you made me open this thread thinking i could flame someone :p Shame on you...
  10. Don't go be a-cross man!
  11. Mmm...so what is it about Across's anyway?

    You guys can't think of anything clever to say, so you bring this up again?


    OK, so the Across has a boot instead of a fuel tank......yep. I'm over it already.

    My wife has an Across, and for a 250 it goes pretty well. Apart from the limited range (180-200km+/) - from the small (12lt) fuel capacity, I can't think of any real shortcomings as far as 250's go. Actually I reckon in alot of situations the boot's value offsets the small fuel capacity.

    We toured for ten days around Tassie when I had my GPZ900R and the wife was on her Across. The Across was brilliant, and the fuel capacity wasn't an issue once.

    So, some people might bag the Across's as a joke, or some people might be serious - it's a bit hard to tell. But overall Netrider's a great site. It's a pity that bullshit threads like this pop up every now and then to spoil it.

  12. 1. Look at the time; you really expect a serious new thread at 10:10pm?

    2. Look at who posted it, DuncanK, who traded a scooter for a 600 he can't ride yet :p

    Just a stir, man, don't get sensitive. Tomorrow night we're doing Harleys

    {Oh, and just kidding Kurt, what do you expect for 11:57pm?}
  13. Dont you think 10 reasons is abit optimistic?
  14. Yeah, OK - I know it's a big stir, but hey some people are still gonna get pissed about it.

    Personally, I've been around bikes long enough, and had enough bikes not to get sucked by dribble like this. The Across is a great proposition for a new rider, and it's served my wife really well. Sure, we might upgrade to something a little bigger soon, but the Across is a great entry level 250 and does it's job well.

    It sure is a hell of alot more bike than my '81 GSX250 that I started out on. Back then I would have happily traded if the Across was around.

    The point is though that there are plenty of Across riders out there that read this crap, and they may be new to bikes. They might not see it as a joke, and probably take alot of the comments seriously. Fortunately the knockers can't come up with anything serious, and just keep on flogging the old "boot space" dead horse.

    ...or are they really just flogging themselves?

    OK - enough ranting now.

    I'll shut-up.

  15. is it an ack-Ross with ack as in 'hack' and ross as in 'Mr Ross' or is it an across as in 'he looked across to the teacher'?
  16. 1. 03 GSXR 600 owners only wish they could upgrade to one :p
  17. I don't get it.. The Across has the same maybe more fuel capacity than my Spada, yet everybody has good things to say about the Spada and picks on the Across. They are a good looking bike and aparently they go well and they have a built in tank bag. *shrugs* Across riders should perhaps post their insurance and fuel costs to keep GSX riders on their toes. Before somebody reminds me, yes I know the thread was started in jest.
  18. ahhh you bought the wife an Across coz you secretly wanted to ride it yourself...didn't ya! :p

    Hey if its gots two wheels it generally gets my respect, I say generally coz there's some Postie bikes that just don't rate :LOL:
  19. ..actually, yeah - I often jump on the little Across and go for a fang around the back roads near my place :grin: The Across is cool fun. There's something about cranking it over, coming out of a corner and pegging it to 15,000 RPM that is just pure goodness :p It's a good handling, and great performing (by 250 standarads) bike ;).

    So, why did we buy it (in order)?

    1: My wife liked the look of it. I did too.
    2: She sat on it, and the seat height was OK (she's not tall)
    3: We checked it out and it was in amazing condition.
    3: I went for a ride and it rode really well.

    So, so far we couldn't be happier with our decision - and yes, sometimes I take it for a ride instead of my 750 just for fun. ;)