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My Streetfighter Shortlist for first non-LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Paskis, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. This is probably a terrible idea that will offend everyone in just one post. I'm coming off P's in a month or so and have been reading everything I can find (and watching youtube videos, talking to a friend who works at Sydney City Motorcycles, etc) to decide what my shortlist to ride is.

    My LAMS bike is a KTM Duke 200 ABS, bloody brilliant little thing, just lacking at anything over 100kph. Not supposed to do more than 90 on P's? That's just daft on a motorbike, the last thing I need is cars coming up behind me 20kph faster than I am. The bike will hold 110kph but there's nothing in reserve. Still, awesome bike around town.

    I'm no Marc Marquez wannabe and though I have sufficient testosterone to have fun on windy bits, I don't think I'll ever be very good or fast at it, and I'm for the most part happy cruising. Over the holidays I took 3 x 500km day trips on the KTM so I'd like something comfy (unlike the ktm!!!) I also will be taking it on unsealed roads but not off-road. $15k on road limit. Must have ABS. 800cc tops, really want <700.

    The short list:
    Versys 650 - Looks like a proper bike, all the power I need, most versatile and practical. Is it also enough fun?
    Honda CB650F - Impeccable build, all round nice guy bike, ticks every box
    Aprilia Shiver 750 - Because sex!! Is it practical enough? Will it break? Is it worth it just for that sound?

    Things that got crossed off:
    Street Triple R - SO CLOSE. But.. Expensive, British and ugly.
    Kawasaki Z800 - Also so close! But its 'spot' in the shortlist got taken by the Honda. Probably 'too much' bike for me at the stage too.
    BMR F800R - I drive a BMW and one boring, soulless, expensive German vehicle in the family is enough
    Ducati 696 - I see it as a niche or enthusiasts bike, I need something more generic. Like cooled with water.
    KTM 690R - So rare even KTM didn't have one at the Melbourne expo. 80% of the bike for 120% the price.
    Yamaha MT-09 - All the switch gear feels like it will break a day out of warranty. Too much motor for the rest of the bike, too much criticism of the suspension and RbW throttle response. Probably too grunty for me too.
    Honda NC750SA - Where did the rest of the power go? Am I reading these numbers right? CB650F seems better in every way.
    Suzuki V-Strom 650 - Obviously the Versys took its spot. Mostly based on convos with my friendly 'expert' but I have to say sitting on the Versys was more comfortable.
    MV Agusta Brutale 675 - I'm not a ****ing psycho
    Benelli 600R, Suzuki GSR750, Yamaha FZ8N - No ABS available.

    Did miss anything?
  2. Put the V-Strom back on the list, at least for a test ride.
    If you can wait until Yamaha releases the sport-touring version of the MT-09, the word is they have fixed the suspension and throttle issues on that model.
  3. I rode a versys around Malaysia recently and was impressed with it. But I agree with Titus especially if you are into sound. Vstrom sounds good with a pipe.
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    +1 for the Shiver, but then I'm biased. Have you heard one with Akrapovic pipes yet? Makes the stock pipes sound like a pussy cat....

    or check YouTube for more.

    Definitely give one a good long test ride. So far mine is going great, no issues, and always (without exception) puts a HUGE smile on my face and also brings out the inner hooligan! Plus all men should own an unpractical Italian road machine at some point, and in my case I can't afford the Ferrari/Lambo... :D
  5. I am in the same position as you but I am still looking at the Tripple R as its British and ugly like me ;) and the BMW visits boring and my wife 'may' want to go pillion and thinks it is not a 'fast' bike

    Other than that am looking at theBandit 1200, yeah I inow its not a Strert Fightet but........
  6. Put the z800 back on the list and let your wrist determine if its " too much bike for u " and when it goes back on the list replace it with z1000 which is lighter ;-). It won't take long for those other bikes power output to get abit boring
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  7. What basejumperbasejumper said. It's only too much bike if you can't control your right wrist. Never understood the too much power thing, you control the bike not the other way round.
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  8. Like your summaries and love my street triple, first big bike.
  9. I honestly with my hand over my heart can swear the "problems" with the MT09 are complete non-events, and would suggest that before you write off any bikes, go and actually test ride them rather than relying on "reviews".

    MT09 has 3 ride modes Standard, A and B.
    Standard - Responsive rip snorting fun
    A - Will pull your arms out of the sockets
    B - Tame and very forgiving

    As for the suspension I can't fault it for the price of the bike, had I paid 15-20k yeah I'd expect more but it is fine for what it is.
  10. Ducati Streetfighter 848
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  11. streetfighter, monster
  12. Street triple must go back on the list;-) take one for a spin, the sound of the British triple and the raw power will suck you in for life..... or a Tiger 800xc.. great deals on them at the moment
  13. I think the thread title is misleading. None of the bikes on your shortlist are 'streetfighters', and the ones that are closest to that have been scratched. Its seems your after a touring/sport touring bike rather than a streetfighter/hoon bike so all the bikes on your shortlist will do the job well.
    I would also suggest the Ninja 1000 and VFR 800 as sport tourers in your price bracket.
    If you really want a streetfighter, for the money it would be hard to go past a Z1000. Maybe a little bias but just ask anyone that has owned one.
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  14. Comprehensive list. Nothing else new really comes to mind in the naked category. I'd say include the z800 on your shortlist... The aprilia has a higher power to weight so too much bike isn't an excuse. Can't test ride too many!

    Out of your list I like the cb650f or z800. Cb seems to be a great bike for the money. On unsealed roads however you may want something a bit more compliant/clearance from mechanical bits which would play into the versys/v-strom/tiger style of bike, and also the Honda vfr800x.
  15. It's down on power compared to its peers, but the porpoise of the NC750 isn't to provide a rip-snorting 100+hp streetfighter. It's intended to be a cheapish extremely fuel efficient and practical commuter/standard bike. Unfathomably low centre of gravity compared to just about any other bike, with its engine laying flat and the fueltank under the seat. A helmet-sized topbox inside the dummy 'fueltank'. I've not ridden one but I've no doubt it'd be fantastic as a commuter/urban bike. Probably not my first choice for a sporting bike tho', on account of the cheap suspension.
  16. This is 'the' streetfighter to me personally. But Paskis would be lucky to find one at $15k driveaway though :sorry:
  17. Second hand $12900 on bike sales
  18. Really? Wow that's a lot less than when I was looking in April. Min then was $15 999. I was looking for low km though.
  19. Wow!! Tons of good things to think about there, thanks everyone, some of the ideas are things I'd already considered and discarded; others are things I've been aware of and are exactly the type of second guessing I've got in my own mind.

    One interesting thing I've run into is the 'ride it yourself' vs 'reviews'. Sounds simple right? Especially when the commercial mag reviews are usually pretty weak (where does their advertising come from after all). But when the same aspect of a bike is criticized by magazines, vloggers, personal friends with more experience, and these very forums; then I have to think there's something to it. In addition as someone who's got 10,000km of riding experience in total, all on one bike, I can't easily judge other bikes - my bike is 'normal'. If its balance is poor and it vibrates like a paint tinter, that's normal to me. I could ride a dozen bikes and still choose one that's a dog, because it feels 'normal' :) So I need to take all forms of input as well, and try to judge their value. Netrider seems like a good place to ask because by virtue of being here, you guys are enthusiasts and want to share ideas. (Cos that's the point right) :)

    Oh.. and too much power simply being a matter of wrist control? Yeah. Wrist control hasn't been my strong suit ;) If you don't want to get fat, don't buy a carton of twinkies and believe it just requires mouth control to stay in shape :D

    Thanks again, I should add to this when I start riding the demonstrators and see how they measured up to what I'd been told, and how I expected them to behave.