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my street triple smoked and bbb... not really

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by awseome, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    my fairly newish street triple with 4800 ks on the clock. in peak hour traffic dumped all engine oil on my shoes and smoked like a house on fire. i really dont know what could be wrong. i rode it just 100 meters after a longish warm up ( fiddling with the ipod ) stopped on flinders street and next thing i see is a amazing amount of smoke coming between my legs..

    anyways had it towed back home and just turned it on for 10 sec, i can see its not the sump the oil seems to be leaking from behind the fuel filter.
    has anyone experienced this before? what could be wrong?

  2. Triumphs of old a famous for leaking oil, perhaps yours was feeling nostalgic. lol
  3. Thats helpful!
  4. Do you bough it new?
  5. not entirely new but a yr old under warranty with 2900 ks on the clock. not dropped or thrashed. could it be the engine casing? because all oil cam out behind the fuel filter.
  6. More helpful than your post though... at least mine had a laugh in it.

    It'd be a brilliant netrider who would be able to diagnose the issue from the limited info presented. *shrug*

    Awesome, suss out more correctly where the leak came from - otherwise you're asking a very specific Triumph question which you'll be lucky to get an answer here on NR. Try a trumpy site.

    How was that CFVFR? Do I get your stamp of approval now? ;) lol
  7. Is the oil filter seal intact? I've had seals break, plus stuffed up by having two seals inplace by mistake.

  8. Rob, you never fail to give such pearls of wisdom.
    Sleep well my little NR buddy!

  9. ok for more detailed info, it was not the sump or the fuel filter, oil seems to flood out right behind it. but i guess i will let peter stevens handle it now. its under warranty. would be nice to know what are they gonna hit me with :(
  10. If it's a warranty issue they won't hit you with anything.
  11. :idea: Oil doesn't come from the fuel filter.

    Hope Stevo's look after you... if a seal has gone, the bike will be there for a while...
  12. my bad. i mean behind the filter. oil filter is intact. it seems to flow from the casing.. as for stevos i dont know mate.. last time they forgot to tighten wheel nuts after a tyre change. and i just had a puncture fixed from them yesterday. it seems every time my bike goes in there it comes out worse.
  13. Can't remember now what it was that happened to a mate's speed triple (he told me the story a month back) - was riding along down the peninsula and another rider made him to pull over: spewing oil all over the rear wheel. Some seal somewhere had gone. $600 (which you don't have to worry about with a warranty); wonder if it's the same thing - if there's some weak or faulty part on these...? His isn't that old, but I don't know exactly the age. A very well spoken of mechanic for Triumphs is in North Melbourne (I think the guy's Cambodian?) - somebody on here will know.
  14. yup.. thats exactly what happened. riding along and it started spewing oil. so it must be a seal then hopefully. plus i will need to scrub the rear well its covered in oil.
  15. and you guys all tease hyosungs hehehe
  16. Matt, I remember that. I'm trying to think of what it was... can't for the love of me remember. But it was a seal someone in the engine itself. Gah, can't remember.

    I think Paul's trumpy is an older one though?
  17. Yep you need to take it to Charlie in Kensington. Apparently he is the god when it comes to Triumphs. I have 2 friends with street triples & they swear by him. Both got their bikes from Peter Stevens and after poor service will never take them back there. Go to Charlie.

  18. Did that on the car a month ago, felt like a damn fool. And its not cheap either..
    4ltrs of oil sitting on the garage floor. ](*,)
  19. Well at Stevo's now. Now if it's a warranty
    issue would they give me a loaner?
  20. If its a warranty job then there is no option, you'll have to deal with stevo's. For everything else.. go to charlie @ 'Turn One'

    34 Stubbs St, Kensington, VIC, 3031

    9372 1299