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My stoush with Harold Scruby

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, May 11, 2007.

  1. When riding home yesterday I had a particularly bad time with pedestrians. The normal things that happen every now and then(pedestrians running across lights as they go green, walking out in front of you without looking etc) happened almost every 500m on my way home. The final straw was when a guy saw me coming down the street, started to cross as if he was going to go behind me but then started trotting across a little faster which put him directly in my path. He even kept eye contact as he deliberately walked in front of me just to make sure I slowed down to avoid him!

    So I immediately got onto the Pedestrian Council website to complain. And whoe should reply to my complaint? None other than Harold Scruby himself. And wow, what a response. Here's how it went:

    My initial email
    The response
    What a f^&*ing tool!

    My response

  2. Why not just walk over to his office and snot him one?
  3. Would that be considered
  4. What should you do about it? Run the buggers down as you drive down the road if they jay walk into your path! :LOL: :LOL:

    ok maybe not
  5. I like his signature block: "The Walking Class Heroes". :roll:

    :jerk: :jerk: :jerk:
  6. Why not? Might teach a few of the fcukers a lesson. I too am sick of these twits.

    Mount a camera on the dash and lets play pacman. Then when you start to mow them down, hand over the video evidence that proves your innocence.

    Scruby is a dumbfcuk that has an@l sex with a rasp
  7. harold suggested you 'do something about it'. what else could you possibly do but contact the pedestrian's council?j

    im sorry mate, i hold a high opinion of you as always but when i read your letter i knew what was coming for you.

    although those letters are best kept short, the response you get depends on the quality. your letter was filled with emotion and you were perceived as a dic. [stump wouldn't do that tho. stump knows better]

    to get a good response you must put hours of effort into your letter.

    do you really care about this issue? if so i will support you [without saying so :wink: ]. i have contacts in parliament and will take steps towards a grant or a new approach to the issue.

    what suburb were you in?

    stump will come out on top, she has in the past.
  8. Harold is a tool. It's that simple.

    As an ex 4wder he has them far more in the sights of his "crusade" but it's always good to smile and remember that our dear friend Harold has a driving rap for hitting a pedestrian in his car and I dont.
  9. mate i couldnt of put it better even if i tried :LOL: :LOL:

    sounds like a plan for my next bike :grin:
  10. I'll give you an alibi AND fifty bucks!!!
  11. Sounds like he could be Arthur Tunstal's brother! What a knob.

    Do you have the email address so we can all email him :grin:
  12. Another alibi here too, plus I like that email flood idea!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Oh, that's too good to be true. More details, please!

    I'm so f******g sick of these dopey f*****g pedestrians. I've had some very close calls, and seen some unbelievably stupid behaviour on the roads and footpaths. Christ, we're all pedestrians at some stage. But it seems people are just getting dumber and dumber.

    Something in the water, maybe?
  14. So did I. In the aviation world we call it "press to test". What I didn't expect was such a sanctimonious rant in return. If he was smart he could have easily turned it around into making me look like a total tool. But instead he made a huge assumption, wheeled out his standard response to car drivers and made a total dic of himself. I expected him to be a little more level headed which proves one thing - my low opinion of him wasn't low enough.
  15. Port 20!
    Broadside fired. :twisted:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Scruby is, as we used to say in the Army, a walking advertisement for birth control...
  17. lol :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :eek: <--suck in air :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Any vacancies left on the MRA board for this guy? :LOL: :p :twisted:

    ....oh c'mon people, surely I wasn't the only one to make the comparison? :p
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    I was out testing my new RAM camera mount this afternoon and this is what happened at one set of traffic lights.

    The guy made it to the median strip in the centre of the road and which is where I would have stopped if it had been me. But instead he kept going...


    I wonder who would have been blamed - had he been hit!