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My story...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jc212, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. It's been quite a while since my last post back in late '06 during my HSC exams.

    At the time, I was given the advice by friendly netriders to focus on my studies instead of giving my brain energy to bikes. It was hard, but I got away from bikes and managed to score myself a place in a university.

    Months seemed to pass by and before I knew it mid-semester had arrived. I remember feeling a sudden pang of emptiness during my studies one night.

    It bothered me.. What was it? What was this void? I searched around my room, the house, the fridge and even under my bed but I could not find the missing piece of the puzzle.

    I became frustrated but I managed to calm myself down by closing my eyes and tried visualize the missing piece. I reached into the depths of my memories, digging under the essays and equations... and over time the picture grew clearer, with more clarity. I could tell from the imaginary outline that it was a beast, a beast with two wheels.

    Upon discovering the identity behind my missing piece, I was overcome by this colossal urge to get my hands on one of these beasts. Coincidentally, I happened to have attended a 2 day course which taught me how to tame this beast, so I proceeded buy my license. The hunt was long and I searched high and low, encountering many beasts of all shapes and sizes. Some were too green and fierce, others seemed old and dull, not worthy of my hunt.

    Until one night, I encountered a shiny, deep-red coloured beast on the vast plains of cyberspace. I could only see it from a few angles but it was insatiable enough for me to go against the orders of my superiors. I struck a deal with the owner of the beast (a very nice middle-aged Serbian man) and purchased it with my own coin.

    Now, I stare at the beast as it slumbers in its quarters of which I call the 'room of sun'. My elder brother walks into the room but stops in his tracks because he can feel a powerful presence. Shifting his gaze to the source, his eyes widen and mouth hangs open. He struggles with words and tries to find something to say...

    "What is its name?" he finally utters.

    I grin, intensifying my focus on the beast.

    "Virago." I breathe.


    Pics coming soon! Hope you liked my story!
  2. Congratulations! Your patience did pay off. Now you have your uni place and your beast. One day you will telling someone else to do their HSC and worry about the bike later.
  3. Uni students have too much time on their hands nowadays. :LOL:

    Congrats on the Virago!
  4. and a career in journalism, if not the great Aussie novel, awaits, I'm sure :LOL:

    Check out the NSW Events section of the forum for rides and coffee nights, etc. Ktulu, Micky and Scrambles are always hatching some sort of plot or other. And as soon as you can, tack into one of our Learner Rides too.
  5. Well done mate!

    Very creative writing lol, no need to second guess what your studying!

    Is that the Carlton next to Kogarah and Allawah? I work about 15min walk from the station. Should catch up and go for a ride or something.

    Also if you are free this Sunday, come down to our group ride


    Hope to see you there, congratz again on the bike!

  6. Congrats.
    I bought my first bike when I was attending uni too.
  7. ohhhhh isn't that a nice lovely piece of poetic crap!

    You could have just saved us the soppy poetic story and just told us you bought a virago..
  8. thanks for the summary!
  9. when do we expect your novel??
  10. Whenever the licence to ride is suspended ;)

    Congratulations on getting a bike. Never heard the words Virago and beast in the same sentence but there you go, first time for everything eh?
  11. An entertaining little read! .. Well done on the Virago.
  12. I remember you! :grin: I told you to study hard and finish school (Teachers tend to take that line). :)

    Congrats on your university place! :dance: What are you studying?
    I feel the need to tell you now (if I didn't before) your HSC was nothing more than a ticket to the rest. If you don't want the rest then you don't need it (I have several very intelligent friends who never finished high school and all have jobs they love) but being able to go to uni will open doors (if only in your self satisfaction and self-esteem) . An undergrad course is easy enough to get into but the degree is much harder to finish. By doing it, you can qualify yourself not only for your current career choice but also open opportunities in other places. When you finish, you'll have proved your determination to finish what you start and your ability to learn new things, think critically and take on new ideas. This will will put you in good position to take on life in general (as long as you live by those traits). Learning is a lifelong activity. Enjoy it and take from it everything you can. :)

    Don't forget to get pissed with your classmates, dress in drag, have iron stomach competitions and all the rest that goes with uni life at every opportunity (make sure shagging uni students gets in the priority list :wink: ). :LOL: It's all part of the same learning journey, so enjoy the fun bits. :grin: I sure as hell did. :LOL:

    Congrats on the new bike. I hope it pulls the chicks at uni for you as keenly as my old mini moke did. :)
  13. Oh, and don't forget to go back to your old school and thank your teachers. They work their tits off for pitiful pay to ensure you get the best start in life (yes, you're now at the start). Half their students will have earned more than them in their first year in the workforce, yet they give up any form of flexitime, their holidays, weekends and any chance of buying a house to prepare, mark and teach. They do it because they know your worth it, but I can tell you now that a simple "thank you" is rare. It will be worth more than gold to them and be remembered forever. :)

    FWIW, I ran into my old VCE principal recently. I was a ratbag teenager (reads long haired lout who once accidentally set fire to the science lab during playful tomfoolery), so you could've knocked him over with a feather when I told him I was a teacher. :LOL: But knowing that I learned something during our many discussions (Principal's office was common place for me) put a huge smile on his dial. :)
  14. hmmmmm it's all coming out now hee hee hee

    I loved the story - and dangit - it is boyond romantic into the realms of downright sexy to lust after ones beast! congratulations
  15. Way to go JC, well done :dance:
  16. Loved the story JC. Welcome to the two wheeled world! :grin:
  17. Congrats on uni and he bike.
  18. Thanks for the comments guys! I really appreciate the support. I'm actually studying computing (absolutely boring), but i'll take the novel-writing and journalism as compliments rather than sarcasm :)

    Seany, I was surprised by your highly motivational response but then it all made sense when you revealed that you were a teacher. I could sense the vibes that you put into your words. I'm thinking of this feeling of pride that a teacher gets when he or she watches their student advance and accomplish, like getting into uni or riding a bike :LOL:
    I think i'll be paying my teachers a little visit in the near future, can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they me in full gear with helmet in arms. :cool: