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My Story (Intro Thread)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MattyB, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm Matt (aka Matty, Bruiser, Oi)

    I'm a 19 year old Security Guard for Chubb, currently doing jack all, waiting for my Security licence to be sent out to me by the registra, as i just finished training recently.

    I live in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne, currently living at my Mothers, but (ofcourse) planning to move out some time in the near future.

    Why am i here? I love bikes.. I don't have one yet, I've never ridden before and i have very few friends who know about bikes or ride bikes.

    I've been into bikes since mid last year, mainly triggered by a guy i spoke to, memorys of my childhood, seeing my uncles Ducati 999s, seeing bikes go past and going google eyed, etc etc.

    I've always had a passion for cars, but after owning 3, being around the car scene for over 5 years and being a photographer for driftkings and VSS - always going to car events and what-not, i feel i've seen it all, or as much as i'd like to anyway.

    I started my quest for entering the bike scene by google.com ofcourse, after a couple of days of reading, i decided i want a CBR250RR (m22).

    So i read up on learners tips, general tips, researched gear, getting my licence, what the CBR is all about, the specs, how to ride it, what it's good at, what it's not good at, etc etc (i could go on for hours..)

    then i started joining forums, oh how addictive...
    i started on BCF (Bike Chat Forums) then merged to the Honda JDM CBR Forums on the advice of a friend.

    more research, more questions, more answers, more more more.

    and now it leaves me to where i am today

    still without a licence, still without a bike or gear. but informed up to the pooper.

    i know exactly what i want (too an extent, still haven't figured out if i'll get a second tinted visor for night time, and if i'll put Anti-Fog or get a Fog Mask for my second visor seeing as it won't have the lifetime fog protection on it as the primary clear on will) [yeah, you get me.. obessed with knowing everything before buying it.].

    What brought me here? i've heard many many MANY bad things about Sumotos, and i saw the thread on the CBR forums about how bad they are, so i decided to get some unhappy customers details and permission, and send a letter to Vicroads (regarding lack of legitimate RWC) and to Fair Trades (Regarding telling customers their 93 CBR250R m19 was actually a 05 CBR250RR m22), so i started a thread asking for storys and permission, then came a link to this site's thread on Sumoto's service, which stopped me sending that letter, for now.

    and, here i am. yet another forum to read. now i have 7 forums in total which i persist on checking daily. *cross eyed*

    so anyway, long write up, i know.. and by the time you read this, you'll realise that i don't actually have a 'n00b' question to ask, as i haven't browsed these forums throughly enough to find the answer without asking
    [and i can't think of anything to ask as yet. give it time, i'm a sponge..].

    So.. Hi, i'm Matt, and I'm a Bike enthusiast.. and a water saver, too. :cool:

    I look forward to getting to know you all :)

    - Matt
  2. Oh, one more thing to add - with a question! :D

    once i've been working for 2-3 months, i plan on going to the bank and getting an $8,000 loan to pay for everything i need
    bike, gear (best, if not close to it), reg, insurance, repairs if needed, plus all the 50 million little bits and bobs inbetween.

    does that sound about right? for a CBR250RR (newer the better) and all listen above
  3. Firstly hi and welcome. Congrats on using the seach tool effectively and finding most of the info you need. Some people are going to suggest different bikes other than the CBR, suggesting they aren't that good of value for money, however it sounds like you have made your mind up. $8k should be pretty okay in terms of getting what you want. But you should go figure out how much you want to spend on equipment first. $3k worth of leathers and $1k helmet isn't going to leave much for other things. But a JoeRocket Razor suit (for example) will set you back $380 plus helmet and bits will probably take you up near $1200. That should leave plenty for a good example of a CBR.
  4. Welcome to the forums and i hope you enjoy your stay, i was in the exact same position as you 7-8 months ago and there was nothing i found more helpful that these forums and the people on it.

    make sure you Read this post which details the costs people have paid for their gear when starting out like yourself

    8k should be almost enough to buy a CBR250RR (Awesome bike) and and some good leathers and helmet and plenty of other accessories and still have change left over.
    As you would have read on the JDM forums and here many times anything over 5.5k for an immaculate cbr250rr is not worth paying when you can look around and get them in the same condition for 4.5k and less.
    Just keep an eye on the for sale section on the forums and in the trading post they pop up all the time during summer with riders upgrading to bigger bikes.

    Good luck with the search :wink:
  5. cheers guys, shall do.

    another question i can't find answered, and this one might be bias to what people own (is bias the right terminology? :S)

    What is a good year (not compiance) CBR250RR?

    and what years are out there for 5.5k and under?

    did CBR250RR's come out in 06? i think they didn't , but i'd like to know what the newest one is.
  6. CBR250R's were build from 1987 - 1989
    CBR250RR's were built from 1990 - 1996

    There are some bigger differences between the R and the RR but between the different year models i don't even think there were cosmetic changes other than new paint schemes.
  7. but i'd be tippin' if i were to get lied to, or the k's seem a bit suss, or if the buyer's nose keeps growing when he talks, - a '96 engine would be better than a '90 engine, true?
  8. Welcome matt, and thanks for the full intro. (I always wonder when noobs put up their nick and nothing else....... {and some not-so-noobs too, hmmmm})

    It's great that the motto of this forum works so well. As I have said on a couple of ocasions before, if you can't find an answer here, the question hasn't been thought of yet.

    Love your passion, and look forward to seeing you in the road soon....
  9. G'day matt and welcome to the boards....... I checked out some of your photo's.. nice work..... love the row of VL's..

    may as well throw in my bit of advice.. but ya don't have to heed it..

    don't get too hung up on the CBRRRRRRRR's they were good and some still are but they were made to be fanged and most were.... from what I read on here, most folk are covering anything from 10,000 to 30,000+ k's a year, so be very afraid of anything with seemingly low klics.

    $8000 is a good starting budget, but you can be assurred that a month after buying the bike, you would wish you had another grand for those little blings that you need to make it your own ride.

    There is some logic to buying a naked bike as a first bike.. less panels to damage if/when it falls over, easier to service and normally a bit less expensive .... having said that..... I didn't listen to anybody when I bought my first bike.... the decision was made by a reaction just below my belt buckle....like most blokes
  10. 8 grand for an old no doubt half (at least) thrashed 250 and some riding gear :cry: bikes really are pricey toys.

    if i were you i'd pick something up a little cheaper and save the personal debt for your second bike (no doubt nicer and less likely to be dropped.) unless you think you can clear the debt pretty quick as it sounds like you're going in to full time work soon.
  11. shitty learning bike too .. pity they're so sexy :)
  12. Japanese market bikes were unrestricted up to the start of '94 after which the cylinder head, gasket and igntion unit were changed to restrict power to 40ps (down from 45). Only other changes were in paint schemes, largely irrelevant since most imports are resprayed. Production ceased in '96 but bikes were still sold new in '97 and '98 (basically leftover stock of 94-96 models).
  13. This is what I am intending to do, have you approached them yet, if so what was there response.
  14. sexy? :shock: like feckin brick :LOL: my old GSXRs were sexier than any CBR250, and they were ugly as sin :LOL:
  15. $8k is a bit excessive IMO, especially for a bike thats using 16 year old technology (ok, you'll spend some of that on gear, but the majority would be the bike) try and scrounge something up for around $4k give or take and with any luck, you wont lose anything over your restriction period. remember, this is a TEMPORARY bike, you WILL upgrade the second you are allowed (or before :twisted: )

    and no matter what people want to tell you about it being an awesome bike and so much better than allthe others, remember this is a 250 we're talking about :p there's 1/5th of a bees dick difference performance wise between all the inline 4 250s, and not much more between those and the sportier 2 cyls either. basically, they're all gutsless :LOL: :LOL:

    buy cheap, thrash its guts out, sell it to the next unsuspecting 250 victim :p you wont want to keep it after 3 months, you'll hate it after 6, why spend big bucks on it??

    and check out the netrider partners for gear, you'll save a BUCKETLOAD on that by not going to the shops :wink:
  16. thanks for the info guys, - sorry i'm not replying to all of you, that doesn't mean i haven't taken your advice onboard.

    P J - i haven't applied for the bike loan yet, but i have an existing loan of 6,000 (about 2 to go) which i got for my 3rd car.

    the general rule of thumb, is that they don't like casual workers, if you are under 21 and don't earn that much, chances are you'll need someone to go garenture (spelling), generally parents are ideal.

    the main reason i was approved the loan was because
    A) it was fairly minimal, 6k.
    8) i was in an apprentiship at the time, they like those.. for some reason they think they're secure jobs (heh, i sure showed them!)
    C) my old ladie went garentour (spelling again)
    D) i chose to pay it off over 5 years instead of the quick fix 2 years. (the longer the repayment term, the lower the repayment weekly - which they feel more confident with.)

    i went with Commonwealth, and i applied with sucess only 6 months after working.

    problem now, is that chances are i'll be casual, earning great money, and i want the loan about 2 months after i've been working..
    wish me luck, i'll need alot of it :\

    as for people being iffy about me getting a CBR. i can't really say 'ok, lets go a naked cheaper bike'
    i know it makes more sense, and i know the 8k might hurt my pocket.

    but... i'm an idiot, basically.

    for me, the CBR250RR is the ideal bike, because shallow when it comes to both bikes and girls.
    they both have to be sexy, cheap to repair (less of the latter if more of the latee(er.. the first one))
    turn heads, 'go' well (for a 250/blonde)
    and all the other bits and bobs.

    truely, i can't stand the look of some of the 'door-wedge-arse' shaped 250's on the market, and i feel i'll only be happy if i buy the CBR250RR.

    i assume and expect i'll get bored of it after a few months, and i expect to upgrade to a cibby 600, or a gixxer 600 in a year or more.

    i plan to pay back the loan as soon as possible, but my plans never work. so in 6 years i'll be back asking suggestions to get it paid off so i can upgrade off my 250, haha.

    the odd's of me dropping it are as good as me kicking it in the sides as soon as i get it home, to get it over and done with. unfortunately i've been told it doesn't work that way :\

    luckily, i'm not too fussed about slight scratches - and if it goes ski'ing down the road, my uncle owns a smash repairs (for cars) and should be able to help me out with a paint-job. it'll be you lot that i come to for help fixing the damn thing :p

    after a few months, the fun will be over. and it'll (with any luck) simply be a means of transport to and from work, and over to mates houses.
    and if i were to get some compliments along the way, or people asking me about my bike - those compliments and ego fillers will fuel my passion for bikes, and keep me going until i can upgrade anymore, and then some.

    cheers for the warm welcome
  17. bloody hell i get carried away when i write posts :\
  18. {He who fearS he will suffer, already suffers from his fear}
    Yeah, I know, pedantic old git.....
  19. waste of $$ spending that much for a 250. You'll be wanting 2
    upgrade B4 U even get to finish paying off the loan. after interest
    youve paid over $10k for a 250cc :shock:

    thats madness.

    i bought my first bike ('98 700cc sports) 20k on the clock for $7500
    i bought my 2nd bike ('99 900cc sports) 21k on the clock for $7000

    if youre going to get finance, then get something decent. something
    you'll be keeping for awhile.

    if ya bike has to be a 250cc, get a cheapo to practice on & use.
    i would understand your intentions if u were a girl, who is neva
    going to ride anything bigger than a 250.

    just dosent make economical sense to me, thats all.
  20. Kishy, i'm not going finance, i'm going a personal loan
    and i won't be spending 10k for a 250 (after interest) or 8.
    i'll be spending 10k for the gear which will last me the next 10 years or until i ruin it.

    i won't be spending more thna 6k on the bike, and chances are i'll be spending around 4.5 if i look for long enough.

    the extra will be for a helmet, leathers, wet weather gear, boots, gloves, etc etc etc.

    i refuse to get anything higher than a 250, as i'd prefer not to kill myself, being so inexperienced, and i'd also like to keep the police off my back.

    i know i'll get bored of it. and i know i quite well possibly don't know what i'm talking about when i say i doubt i'll have the confidence to ride it through twistys, and attempt stoppies, wheelies, burnouts, etc.

    my primary use for it is a good looking bike, which i can legally ride, to get me to and from work, friendsh houses, etc.

    i'm starting to sound stubborn now - but does anyone 100% firmly believe i should not get an $8000 loan, or i should not buy a CBR250RR. or strongly, 100% dissaprove of any of my plans so far?

    and thanks hornet600, i didn't see that typo! (joined today, haven't slept in 2 days) :D cheers