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VIC My stolen R1, has anyone seen it :-(

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Johnny O, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    This is my R1 that was stolen a couple of years ago, it was uninsured but may have surfaced by now. I'll pay $2000 for info leading to the return of it.

  2. nope

    i noticed 1 or 2 2nd hand resprayed R1's for sale recently on the net, might be worth checking out.
  3. That is a beautiful paint job!
  4. I've seen around an R1 with Japanese looking writng on it in the same place where it is on yours in the photo. But the bike was maroon I think from memory. Could have been in the St Kilda area. in the last month.
  5. That's not Japanese writing (even though a Jap made them), it says 'YZF' thanks I'll keep an eye out for it, especially seeing as it was stolen from St Kilda.
  6. Ahh so it does. To tell you the truth I didnt pay attention to close to the writng on your bike it looked like a Japanese style of writing and I knew it definitely wasnt hieroglyphics.

    It doesnt change anything from my previous post of my siting.
  7. Good luck Johnny, hope we get to find it and give the damn thief what for.
    (Tar and feather anyone? )
  8. Are they the only options...
    How abt death by a thousand cuts
    Ferret & a piece of down pipe
    Babmboo shoots under the fingernail
    We cld string him up by his balls (gender permitting)
    Oooo Oooo I know! What if we... Ok that's probably going to far :roll: Bugger!
    Give me some more time to think abt it...
  9. 2 years ago!! WOW! :eek:

    Good luck on the re-surface search! Who knows, perhaps good things do come to those who wait...? [-o<
  10. The theif could be shot slowly. :grin: You start at the feet and gradually keep aiming higher. :LOL:
    :shock: That'd do. :shock: :LOL:
  11. Nah, we'll just make him sit down and talk to my mum... with a NEVERENDING CUP OF TEA! :twisted: mwuhahahahha!
  12. Thats ridiculous. How would a ferret swing a piece of down pipe? :rofl:
  13. I assume it would be resprayed by now, (plus ive seen plenty of bikes with same paint job) how bout vin etc? or are you looking for someone to come clean?

  14. tooo far? no such thing...

    We go with the stringing up by balls but make the cord metal (a few frays here and there would be acceptable too), add a metal noose around his neck with a fair amount of slack but secure around his neck. Finally give him a control switch to a blunt gilotine around his balls to be used when hanging becomes too much.
  15. Considering that hieroglyphics are from Ancient Egypt and the language has been dead for centuries...
    I think the word you're looking for is Kanji.
  16. And for pictures, go to http://www.bmezine.com/whatsnew.html
  17. I think flaying would be the worst way to go.

    Or you could go with crucifixion. (Though an old man told me once it was a doddle, and gets you out in the open air.)
  18. Or...

    You could pretend to befriend the sucker, get them so drunk they pass out, then with your tube of Selleys No More Gaps that you prepared earlier, insert in rectum and squirt in approx. 100-150ml.

    When the guy wakes up and gets over his hangover, he'll eventually try to do a bowel movement. He won't be able to. He'll be too embarassed to go to a doctor straight away, so he'll take metamucil and prunes for a few days, failing this, he'll then try laxatives. When these don't work (hopefully about 3-4 days later), he should be in a fair amount of pain and will concede that seeing a doctor would be a good idea.

    The doctor will umm and aah, and eventually admit him to hospital and they'll stick a camera up there. Then they'll have to cut open his arse to remove the offending piece of No More Gaps.

    He'll either die or he'll end up being the laughing stock of the hospital, and probably end up becoming the subject of a funny email that circulates the globe. Either way, you're in the clear. Who's gonna believe that someone actually squirted No More Gaps up someone elses bum in an act of revenge... :twisted:

    Moral: Don't f*ck with The Freak. :twisted:
  19. I know...I lived in Egypt and was engaed to a girl there...I was just trying to comical :roll:
  20. I've never seen an R1 painted in this way.

    VIN would be ground off or changed by now as it is the only thing that can link the current user to the theft.

    As time has passed since the theft, the thief may think the heat has died down and may start using it more regularly.

    I'm only clutching at straws in the hope that someone has seen it.