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my sporty

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ran, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Please delete

  2. Presume you bought it at one of the shops on nepean hwy then ;)
  3. i know it looks that way..but no....in Diamond Creek....but i get most help from BBB, Nathan, Rob, Tom and Ben look after me so well....cannot recommend enough...
  4. Much better in black, and I love your mirrors too - where did you hide the speedo?
  5. here...
  6. That's awesome.
  7. bbb ?
  8. cheers...im looking for a smaller speedo now.......Brighton bikes n bits....... its in getting dyno=ed...ill have her back 2moro...i changed air filter so she leaned out....
  9. Where are the bike pics?...that other thing is in the way all the time ( just having a joke, no offense intended) :))
  10. yer some bloke keeps sticking a bloody harley infront of my bike when i take the photos.......:-s
  11. Should make nearly 50hp once you get the a/f ratio sorted ;)

    Nah, she looks good, much better in black.