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my spidey-senses are tingling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsta, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. so im looking at this bike, and and i test rode it, seemed ok, but as i am not able to make any sort of decision about how it is mechanically, so i called him and told him that i will put a deposit on it if he takes it to a kawa mechanic that i know is good and lets him check it over for me (the bike is 13 years old, has done almost 70000 kms, has been 're-sprayed' according to him though the ad says fibreglass race fairings).

    at that he got all defensive saying that he has a full service history (he showed me some pile of papers that consisted of a log book that didnt look like many of the pages had been stamped, and about 3 or 4 mechanics recipts), and he didnt want some mechanic that he didnt know touching his bike, and flat out refused to let me pay for a mechanic to check it out, then tried to pressure me into buying it saying he has people from all over coming to check it out tomorrow (today). i told him that i wasnt gonna spend money on something that i didnt know how good it was, and to keep me informed if it doesnt sell (though if the 5 people he sees all turn it down, me thinks that maybe it aint that great)

    SO... are my spidey senses in tune here?
  2. You may have done the right thing.
    Sounds to me he has something to hide.
  3. Yep, good call on your part I'd say. No matter what the presented reason, if someone refused a mechanic's check I would automatically refuse to buy their bike. There are other fish in the sea.
  4. Well done; as Bravus says, there are always other good fish in the sea.
  5. What a douche!! Did you let him know that if your mechanic was to go over it and all was ok, then it wouldn't be his bike anymore? And he'd be $XXXX amount richer? What a cock. Even if it turned out to be OK, I'd rather give my money to a decent person selling a bike, rather than that **** :]

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  6. Lobsta said:
    Maybe I am confusing exoskeletal life forms, but wouldn't they be your lobster senses?
  7. Out of interest what's the bike?
  8. gpx250

    its on bikesales, in qld, its the black one being sold in carindale for 2999
  9. tis a nice looking bizike! ah well, i'm sure you'll come across another gpx soonish... with someone happy to let a mechanic go over it. Ah, so dodgey!!
  10. Yeah something definitely sounds suss there. If i had someone offering to buy it if all they did was have a mechanic look at it and i knew nothing was wrong i'd say sure. Selling our car someone wanted to do the same, we let him, car is gone :)

    And when someone says that they have "5+ people coming to look at it tomorrow" translates to "i've had 5 other people msg me about the bike". Its a selling technique to catch out stupid buyers who dont know what they are doing and fall for it.

    You've done the right thing, dont worry about it, if the seller is being an a*se then dont bother. Keep looking and you'll come across another soon enough.
  11. there is a netrider member that is going to look at it today (i think, the seller said that there is a guy from toowoomba coming to look at it, and the last time a gpx seller said that, it was this guy off the forum). i sent him a message. so hopefully he got it in time/isnt silly enough to buy it/knows enough about bikes to be able to tell if it is cactus or not...

    oh, and the pics make it look better than it is... the fairings have been repainted, and it looks like a mediocre backyard job, especially on the inside (near the swing of the handlebars, near where your legs go).
  12. In short. Yes! I think you can pick up a better condition GPX for the same money. Good luck bike hunting, although it sounds like you have enough common sense to not get stung too bad.
  13. If the dude wont let you take it to a mechanic at your expense then tries to pressure you into buying it then there is something obviously not right, either with the bike or the owner.

    I think you made a good decision by walking away :!:
  14. Yep, he's got something to hide alright...

    Riding a bike like that I'd say it's the size of his...

    Well YOU figure it out.
  15. ... duration on L and P plates?
  16. at leasts its not a honda so he has one of those things.
  17. I'm 99% sure that is a ZZR and not a GPX. Unless he has removed the GPX fairings and replaced with ZZR ones. Especially the rear indicators - its a ZZR rear but the indicators should be right next to the brake light, not separate ones underneath. Very suss indeed.
  18. Looking at other ZZR's maybe the indicators are correct! :?
  19. zzr for sure as has the frame. looks nice enough but the seller sounds like quite the tool.
    if the cue of people looking at it all walk away offer $1000 just because you can.
  20. Thats so a ZZR or a dodgy clapped out GPX with some very questionable mods added to it.

    Pay the extra $500ish or so more for a good one, rather than getting this so called bargain and then 3 months later, forking out $750 or more for a major overhaul when carbies, electrics and god knows whatever else goes wrong..

    good luck