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my spada wont start :censored:

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TheCatsMeow, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. went to ride to gym and it just wouldnt start was stuck at the sound before the engine actually starts after a bit it wouldnt even do that just made a sound like RRRRRRRRRR * lol * and the revs went up but nothing at all in the engine. making me real sad

    any help appreciated because i dont know anything when it comes to the engine / parts etc
  2. You need a new flux capacitor. They can be picked up cheaply from wreckers.
  3. fuel???
    your description is far from helpful, can you please provide a better description of what happened?
  4. yeah sorry im terrible at this stuff maybe i can record it and put a link up somewhere lol
  5. You have fuel?
    The Fuel tap is on?
    The Kill switch is in the run position?
  6. fuel issue for sure, either out of fuel or improper use of fuel tap.
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  8. and yeah id peg it too improper use being the retard i am lol
  9. It sounds like the starter motor is not engaging. Put the bike into gear (3rd or 4th if possible) and rock it back and forward. Then click it back in to neutral and try again. If that fails bump start it, hopefully you have a handy hill.
  10. alright ill try that after work thanks for the help.
  11. battery is run down it goes to kick then doesn't have enough grunt and justs clacks like the starter is fubar, I doubt it's the starter motor.
    You'll have to roll start or bump start it in order to get it going. Get the battery tested as it may not be getting charged properly, which may then indicate a charging problem, being a honda the reg rec will be a likely suspect if it is a charging issue and not just a flat battery,
  12. Flat/dead battery, I think. Maybe your alternator isn't charging it.

  13. Really?
  14. Yep. For realz.
  15. wouldnt let me put it even into 2nd so i put it into 1st and nothing and i went down a ramp to start it nothing either was a biatch to get back up
  16. dunno how im gonna test it i have none of the equipment atm....im just gonna leave it for today everything i do just makes me rage more
  17. If your battery is really shot, which, if, as suspected the reg/rec is shot, it probably is, then it's not going to clutch start anyway, and even if it fires it won't stay running.

    Get a new battery ($60-90) and it will start....
  18. Pointless buying a battery till he tests the charging system though.
    OP are you clutch starting properly? Ignition on, clutch pulled in roll in 2nd usually then as you are about to release the clutch jump down on your seat to give the rear extra traction hence the term bump start. If it still won't start then battery is fubar.
  19. 3rd gear is better on a Spada, but yeah, that...
  20. you beautiful man its running now that iv jumped the bike but there is still that clicking sound i haven't noticed before maybe the charger terminal is loose or something ?