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My son's first wheelie at age 9.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by rourkster, Aug 25, 2006.

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  2. Yeaaa!

    Thats awesome, send him my congrats!
    And hats off to you for capturing the moment.


  3. Bloody legend!
  4. Awsome :shock: , wish my daddy taught me how to do that.
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  6. You bloody ripper. Well done Liam very impressive. Now you just have to teach your old man how to do it.
    Maybe we need to get you a sign in for this site and get you riding with us. See if we can keep up.
    Good work.
    Hope you've added these to the bucket Si
  7. Thats fantastic :dance:
    Now get him to start practising downhill :grin:
  8. Did I see Loz in the background giving him a few pointers? :grin:

  9. what a little champion!!!!! :cool:
  10. What a dude!

    What sort of bike is it?
  11. a legend in the making there.
    what a lucky kid getting to ride motorbikes!!!
  12. Thats awsome simon can tell he will be a real rider and probably on a Honda gee its early to be doing things better than his Dad but I guess thats how it goes when your too busy to come on rides...... well done I would be so proud of my son if he did that ...... if I had one~~~~~
  13. It's ok Brad I will bare your children.

    I think he has already shown good talent for his age and God willing will have the common sense to go with it.

    So why would you suggest he would buy a bloody Honda??
  14. Better not be, or he'll stack it for sure! :p :LOL:
  15. It's a 1979 Yamaha MX GTB80 that I picked up off eBay 2 years ago for $600. The tank, guards and oil tank had been re-sprayed professionally but the rest of it is fairly rough, yet it's been a good first knockabout bike for the lad. Single cylinder air cooled 2 stroke with 4 gears which are all up. It's had the Yamalube system disconnected as it's much more reliable on pre-mix. I could probably do a little bit of work on it to keep him going for a while but he's at me for a Kawasaki KDX110. I'm trying to come up with the pennys.
    My daughter likes being doubled on it too:

  16. Aw, that's so sweet! WOOHOO!
  17. well done! better than me
  18. Do you have a future Krusty on your hands there? :grin:
  19. Real riders Ride Red.....
    Real Riders Ride greeeenn...
    I think we all know which sounds better Brett