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My song...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by sonja, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. ARTIST: Jim Infantino
    TITLE: Stress

    I'm addicted to stress that's the way that I get things done
    If I'm not under pressure then I sleep too long
    And I hang around like a bum
    I think I'm going nowhere and that makes me nervous
    Everybody's out to get me but I feel alright (3x)
    Everybody's thinking about me

    It's the little things that get you
    It's the little things that get you when you weren't paying attention
    It's the little things that get you, it's the little things that get you
    It's the little things that get you, when you weren't paying attention

    I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption
    So when I get up I just have one cup of coffee
    And I like to have another cup of coffee with my breakfast
    And on the way to work I like to get a cup of coffee
    Like the kind of cup of coffee that you get with a doughnut
    'Cept I never get the doughnut I just have the cup of coffee
    And when I get to work I like to have a cup of coffee
    'Cause I like to have a coffee when I'm talking on the phone
    But it usually goes cold and I need to get another
    Cup of coffee and it's lunch and I have an espresso

    And when I get back it's not morning anymore
    So I have a diet cola and another diet cola
    And by then I'm feeling fine and I'm feeling pretty sharp
    And I'm feeling pretty wired and I'm getting things done
    But right about two I get this little tiny migraine
    And it starts behind my eyes and it moves to the back of my
    Neck and it moves to the bottom of my spine
    But it doesn't get there until five or six o'clock
    Which is the end of the day so I'm fine!
    So I'm fine! so I'm fine, so I'm fine, so I'm fine
    Except when I have to work late
    When I have to work late which I usually do


    I love to work I love to run I love to play real hard
    I love to steal little things from the grocery store
    Like a piece of bubble gum or sometimes I just
    Stick my thumb in a peach and leave it there
    I love to work I love to run I love to waterski, snowboard, jetski
    Skydive, parasail, hang-glide, rollerblade, mountainbike, bungee-jump
    Well I mean I'd love to do these things if I ever had the time
    I love to work, I love to work, I love to work out after work
    I love to spend a little time with this woman that I'm seeing
    'Cept we never really get a little time to spend together
    So we call each other up and we talk about work

    But what I think I'd really love is to get out by myself
    On a little tiny island in the middle of the ocean
    With just me and a book and a cellular phone
    And a personal computer in case something came up
    And I'd eat and I'd drink and I'd run and I'd sleep
    And I wouldn't do nothing except swim all day
    'Cept, you know, my beeper doesn't work under water
    Where are the sharks? where are the sharks? where are the sharks?
    And there's this kind of anemone that sticks in your foot
    And the poison goes up to your brain and you die
    And sand fleas? sand fleas - yuck!
    But actually I think it'd be really relaxing
    Just me by myself in the middle of the ocean
    And that's what I'd really love to do more than anything else
    Except I'd probably hate it

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    err, yeah, I guess {backs away while avoiding eye contact}

    Then there's the classic, "History is made by stupid people", by the Arrogant Worms....


    No idea what Dr Who has to do with, however, close your eyes and listen to the words......
  3. #3 sonja, Aug 29, 2006
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  4. ah, you see, the power of Netrider :LOL:
  5. Where else can you rack up over 1,000 posts in less than 3 months? :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  6. Indeed, you'll have to watch out, you'll have the posting nazis after you; they have nothing to say or do but whinge about other people who like to post more than they do! They seem to have the esoteric idea that cyberspace is a finite area and if you post too much, it won't leave any room for them; stoopid, huh?
  7. Hmm...cyberspace is a subset of universe right? According to hornet600, let us assume cyberspace was defined as infinite, then the universe would be infinite as follows. But to have an infinite subset of an infinite set.. will the set/s collapse in contradiction?

    To make such a claim, that cyberspace is infinite.

    Are there gaps in hornet600's logic?
    Where is the reasoning?
    What is its purpose?
    Will his conjecture hold?


    Sorry, 4U maths hurts my mind..
  8. You're asking ME about maths?? I can add up two and two three times and get three different answers :LOL:

    I don't know about science much either, but my theology says that the universe is infinite, so I guess cyberspace must be infinite too.

    Anyway, I guess it doesn't reall matter; as long as we can squeeze a few more people into Netrider, all is right with the world.
  9. 4U maths did serious damage to my brain....:LOL:
  10. good song sonja,

    i compose music so i can write a tune for it if u like. if u already have a tune in mind i can put it into a chord progression. if you already write music i will have to hear it when we meet up.