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my somewhat sour intro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by marz, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. hey there guys,
    will be known on netrider as Marz, am a noob to biking! (so dont be harsh) from the western suburbs, lets cut to the chase! my dad knew that i wanted a bike for some time, so without me knowing he went and ordered me a cbr250RR-with the Tyga fairings-From Sumoto. yes. i know. he was so elated for me that i couldnt tell him about Sumoto and how they're bikes are overpriced and sometimes not in good cond. when i take delivery on it, i will IMMEDIATELY take it to Redline motorcycles in Dandenong to give it a good and comprehensive service, so please folks dont give me shit about MY motocycle that my father bought for me, ive read all about Sumoto, and i know they are not exactly the best place to go, but bless his heart, my dad dont know that and i plan to keep it that way. anyway hopefully after i give it a good service my bike wont be Sumoto material, and hopefully when i ride with some of you guys it (and i) wont be treated as a Sumoto bike and rider. God knows how much people hate Sumoto on this forum...well thats the sour stuff. hope to get to know you guys and look forward to riding with you all. hope youve enjoyed my novel! HAPPY RIDING- :grin: Marz

  2. hi and welcome to NR

    dont worry too much im sure u will be fine
  3. LOL at least your bike will look really good, even though it would have been expensive compared to other bikes on the market but hey you didn't pay for it! I saw a Sumoto special with the TYGA fairings and it looked very very nice!
  4. Nice dad!
    Im a newbie too, so welcome!
  5. yeah agree with you on that one there! mine is the yellow/black combo..
  6. hi there mate, sorta dauting to be a newbie lol! what do you ride?
  7. is your dad paying for your insurance also. you better hope so
  8. Doesn't sound too sour - VERY nice of your dad!

    Welcome :grin:
  9. Mate, YOU got a great deal.

    Can I borrow your dad for a while? I promise I wont be as ungrateful as you.
  10. Hi. Can you please change your user name to Marz_Sumoto and here is your welcome present to get you to redline honda.


  11. haha, i was waiting for it :p type away keyboard warrior!! :grin: must be your lack of understanding plain english when you waste your time typing that shit when i clearly request that it not be done, must be the low self esteem, the ego boost that you get, or the fact that you feel strong doing that shit..do you hmmm?? feel strong?? yeahhhhh..here to make friends buddy, not burn bridges, but the thanks for the laugh, youve made my day in more ways than one :wink:
  12.  Top
  13. marz - when you get the service report from Redline, shell out the $ to get it running right, and then you'll have a bike you know, you can rely a bit more on, and it will have only actually cost YOU a fraction of the retail cost.

    Your Dad's a generous guy.

    Happy riding.
  14. hi and welcome marz
    i did hear about them when i went for my licence the other week but as doonx said will be ok when a real mechanic looks at it :grin:
  15. Marz, you're a very confused boy.

    We don't bag riders who have a sumoto bike... we bag sumoto.

    Keep the attitude in check... fark, though there are lots of reasons to give PP some curry, his post was actually funny and worthwhile.

    You have a top dad there mate.

    Looks like you're on the right path getting the bike properly looked at. I hope it's one of the good ones and gives you lots of riding pleasure.

  16. which one of you is the keyboard warrior? - I'm confused. :?
    And welcome to Netrider.
  17. blablabla.

    Its not a matter of PP not being to understand English, but rather
    the case of a yet another cry-baby nOOb who has not yet learnt
    how to take posts by others.


    Keyboard hero? :LOL:

    Pfft. Your nOObness is obvious. :roll:


    Here's my welcome sook..


    Enjoy ya time here. You will learn a lot son :)

  18. Hey mate,

    welcome to NR and give your old man a break. Its not like he bought you a scooter :LOL:
  19. Tisnt like he bought it at all...
  20. You will never make it on nr until mg has blasted you. You are now on the way to greatness.