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My Snowy Adventure (Crash)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gobberwart, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. This past weekend, I decided to join with 11 other Netriders on what should've been a fantastic 3-day trip to the snowy mountain region in north-east Victoria. Not that it's very snowy right now, but it's still a beautiful area, and a great place to ride and it was meant to be a great trip.

    Don't get me wrong, it was a great trip. To a point. I experienced some new roads, some fantastic twisties and was feeling absolutely awesome about everything, until suddenly I came upon a hairpin bend on the Mansfield-Whitfield Road, just a couple of kilometres out of Whitfield, and I got myself into the poo. Big time.

    Before that, there'd been about 30km of straightish road. Not straight, but straight enough that I guess I got complacent, so when this hairpin turned up, I just didn't slow down enough. I slowed down, sure, but obviously I didn't slow down ENOUGH, and I got too close to the edge. That was mistake number one.

    Mistake number two, I panicked, and I grabbed a handful of front brake, causing me to skid and low-side, resulting in a crash and me going face-first into the bitumen. When I say face-first, I mean face first and my helmet bears the evidence of that, see:

    DSC_0009.JPG DSC_0013.JPG

    Anyway, I got knocked out for a couple of minutes, and the poor bugger riding behind me (louey) found me lying on the road unconscious. She picked me up, roused me, and then the rest of the group came along and got my shit together, called an ambo and sent me on my way. Apparently I spent a few minutes talking a lot of crap, which I vaguely remember and which must've been scary at the time, but vaguely amusing as I started to improve (nervous laughter anyone?)

    What's the damage? Well, to me nothing massively life-changing I think. My right shoulder is hurting like hell, and I think I've done something to my rotator cuff or a tendon in that area. I've got xrays and ultrasounds booked for Friday. My GP has also asked me to get my cervical spine (the bit right below my skull) xrayed in case of a fracture in that area, but since he's happy to wait a couple of days I don't think he's too worried.

    Other than that, I have a few scrapes and bruises, and a headache to rival the worst hangover I've ever had, even now. I also have panadeine forte and nurofen plus. Not really supposed to mix those, but...

    As for the bike, well it's in Wangaratta and I'm in Melbourne, and I don't think anyone has pictures (if you do, please let me know!) but I think it's pretty well mangled beyond repair. Every piece of metal from the headlight to the rear right indicator down the right-hand side is either scraped, bent or broken off and that's expensive. There's a BIG dent in the fuel tank, that I think was caused by the end of the handlebar, and they're not meant to bend that far back. Sounds like bent forks to me so... not good. Oh well, an assessor will go there tomorrow and let me know what happens. Write-off or repair, it's insured so I guess the end result will be fixed bike or new bike.

    I have spent a LOT of time reflecting on this incident, and I know what went wrong. I got complacent, probably a bit over-confident, and I panicked. Faced with the same situation again, I would (a) slow down more for the hairpin and (b) lean harder/use rear brake not front brake if I had to. Grabbing the front brake was just fcuking stupid. Not happy about that at all.

    As for the rest, well I've been stoked about how supportive and awesome everyone has been. All the guys and girls in the group I was riding with, random people on Netrider, the towtruck company (who delivered all my gear from the panniers to me free of charge), doctors/nurses, everyone. In particular, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that nobody on NR has told me I screwed up. It's an internet forum, and people on forums can be a bit weird... fortunately, not THAT weird. Thanks guys and girls.

    I would REALLY like to thank all the people on the ride, especially (in no particular order) Ned, Mad Marty, Portagrug, Greydog, louey, Peppy and spenze (I hope I didn't miss anyone!) who have gone out of their way to do extra stuff to help me or the situation either at the time or afterwards and I really appreciate that.

    At the end of the day, I've come out of this thinking that I had a REALLY great time on the ride, did something I wish I hadn't done, but I can heal and will draw on the positives and can't wait to get out there and go again, with a few new learnings under my belt.
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  2. If you thought that was fun you wait till next time where you make it all the way to the cabins where dinner and drinks were broken out :)
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  3. I experienced the same scenario on a recent trip up that way. 3 day ride with (unknown to me at the start) NR others. One of the guys grabbed to much front brake and low sided just out of Jamison heading for Eildon. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1361333889.392515.
    This was day 3 and we were heading home. The bike was out of order and got towed but the guy was able to jump on the back of me and get a lift home as well as one of the other guys taking his gear sack for him.
  4. Sorry to hear of you close encounter of the bitumen kind, mate. It seems you've analysed the situation pretty well, you aren't the first and you won't be the last to fall victim to the 'straight road then an eeeekk hairpin' syndrome
    Make sure your medical advice is top-notch and get better quickly.
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  5. I'd have loved to have jumped on the back of someone and kept going, unfortunately the head-banging crap-babbling made people throw me in an ambulance out of fear of serious head-injury and brain damage. Probably for the best in the long run and definitely the right decision.

    At one point in the hospital, the doctor was talking and I interrupted with something completely stupid and he looked a bit confused/concerned about my state of mind, but someone helpfully pointed out "Don't worry, he normally talks shit, he's fine" :D
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  6. pics plz
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  7. Glad you're seeing it in a positive light :)
    you go Gobbs
  8. Cheers, Paul. Wasn't even that tight of a hairpin really, I've learnt a hard lesson. Doc in Wangaratta seemed pretty keen to send me home without really checking much. GP is a bit more cautious. Cervical spine fracture seems unlikely but I think the rotator cuff might be stuffed... Oh well, I'm insured for everything so will see what happens, pay excesses and deal with it. Then get back rubber-side-down as soon as I can and try to do better next time.
  9. That sucks bloke. Glad you're ok. As you say the bike will be fixed or replaced so that's all good.

    The only thing I'd suggest is don't waste anytime getting back on a bike, any bike will do.
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  10. Unfortunate incident, least your alright, keep smiling, your attitude is great, its only a mistake if you don't learn from it, it seems you know how things went pear shaped, good luck on getting back on the road :)
  11. As soon as I can, I want to get back on 2 wheels. I've had to drive the car the last couple of days (after having to charge the battery and put petrol in it) and I realised how much I hate it. It's slow, it handles badly and it's generally awful. Can't believe I drove for 20 years without even questioning it.

    I can't really afford to do anything but wait for the insurance to come through, so hopefully it won't take too long.
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  12. I feel your pain (so to speak). My last off (2004) resulted in me being without a bike of my own for 3 months. Fortunately, my wife had/has a bike and she let me ride hers every so often. I also had a couple of mates who had spare bikes they weren't using much.
  13. 3 months? Ouch! I hope it won't be that long. I've got used to the extra 45 minutes a day the bike gives me in the work commute. My neighbour told me he'd lend me his bike... except it's in Gosford. Cheers, mate. My best mate would lend me his too except he rides it once or twice a week so I'd need to drive 50km to pick it up, and would only be able to ride it for an hour or so.
  14. Gobb, glad you are ok and are here to tell the story. Bike can be fixed or replaced.

    Also glad to see that you are honest and open about what happened and can reflect on that. It's a slobbering realisation with this hobby/lifestyle/addiction that we have.

    I guess the message is always be aware and focused on what you are doing and lies ahead.

    Speedy recovery mate
  15. Yep 3 months. Between the insurer (Swann), their assessor and the bike shop, basically I got screwed around while the decided whether to write it off or repair it. They decided to repair it (dented tank).
  16. Sorry to hear of your off Gobbs, I've only ridden that road the once, but I remember it demands respect.

    Heal well.
  17. I've got a feeling mine's going to be a write-off. Dented tank plus a whole lot of other damage on the front and side. Such a shame for what was an almost-perfect bike :(
  18. upgrade!!!!

    really glad you're ok mate. Sad about the bike but that's not the main thing.... though it can feel like it.
  19. Glad to hear you're okay Gobbs, and pretty upbeat.

    I've just binned my cbr on Sunday - i'd write a report but typing with one hand is no fun! The nurse at A&E actually recommended topping up the forte's with the nuro plus's in between, apparently an extra codeine kick.
    Right now, with three sleepless nights, i'm quite happy with any drug cocktail on offer!
  20. Ouch! Hope you're coming along ok mate. I'm quite familiar with typing one-handed, but for completely different reasons which I won't go into here :) The meds kicked in pretty hard for me last night and sent me off to bed early for a very long and weird sleep. Crazy dreams and stuff going on but the pain seems better today so that's a plus.

    Thanks all for the positive thoughts/feedback. I'll post up any useful info that comes out of this as it progresses.

    For now, I'm off to fill in a ton of paperwork for our old mate the TAC, and to start getting prices for replacement gear which should at least be some fun :)