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my slightly modded LAM bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by JimmyD, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. my highly modded LAMS bike

    MODEL: 2006 Yamaha WR450F
    COLOUR: Blue (really??? haha)
    POWER: enough for now
    GEAR BOX: 5 speed
    WHEELS: 17 inch x 3.5 inch front, 17 inch x 4.25 inch rear.
    TYRES: Bridgestone BT-003 RS, 120/70 front, Bridgestone BT-003 RS, 150/60 rear.
    BRAKES: Braking 320mm front disc, 4 piston Braking front caliper, Brembo master cylinder
    SUSPENSION: Revalved by Krooz Tune Suspension.
    EXHAUST: Standard exhaust with larger outlet fitted
    ODO: 11,000k's

    this is the bike that i do my riding on, as being super light with heaps of grip and brakes is just enjoyable. because i was stuck with the LAM's restrictions and already having a bike that went OK on the road with knobbies, it was only natural to go for a SM.

    i'm searching for a pipe and maybe some cams for it at the moment, front and rear guards and different indicators to go on it during the week (fingers crossed).

    just put another 003RS on the front, haven't ridden on it but if the rear is anything to go by, this will be delicious.

    i'll try and keep this thread updated with all the mods that i do.

    pics below :)






    cheers. all comments appreciated.
  2. picked up a 003RS for the front, new handguards and some different grips today. should be better.
  3. Awesome bike man!
  4. Nice one. LAMS is such a crock, :LOL:, that thing would get a lot of newbies in trouble.

    Where abouts are you JimmyD?
  5. yeah its good fun, and kind of within the rules. but not really.

    in gippsland mate.
  6. back that shit in. got an 003RS rear coming this week and ill shod the front slick for the next TT

    LAMS is awesome. ive had at least 4 lams bikes

    : 250cc 4cl. 300 cc 2 stroke. kato 525 and the 800. lol such BS its not a good idea to let a learner near 3 of them. i bet my BigRedPig is probably also lams.
  7. 003RS are really grippy, it totally changed the bike compared to the old tyres.

    nar xr650r's arent LAMS, only the XR650L.

    yeah lams rules aren't what they should be in vic, SMC's should be approved!

    it helped that i went thru the pre-motard stages i think, i mean knobbies on the road then pirelli mt/90's then this, got used to the bike moving around heaps so now i can ride half ok.

    hopefully i make it to the next day at TT.
  8. ahh shame. its wierd though its got less hp stock (not any more though :p) than my 525 and my 300 and is heavier.

    anyway. keep the front up!
  9. will do mate, have to get this front tyre to last haha.
  10. awesome yammy mate!
  11. ran into a few problems today with the front tyre, it seems that 003RS's are wider than normal tyres in the same size. the tyre would slightly rub on the right fork leg when the suspension would compress, so i adjusted the spokes so the wheel would be properly centred and took it for a spin.

    it still rubbed, but on both sides but very very slightly.

    so out came the die grinder and i just took a few mm off each side on the edge of the tyre, it would have worn down after i had a fair crack at the corners but i just wanted to make sure i got clearance. not sure if i fixed it, will go for a burn tomorrow to properly scrub the new rubber in and check the rubbing out.
  12. Careful with that one Jimmy. A light rub turns into a hard rub. Not sure if it's tyre flex, wheel flex, or fork leg flex, but even a tyre with clearance will rub with enough enthusiasm, and if it's too much, down you'll go.
  13. yeah thats true, its kind of worrying. looks like i should have gone a 110-70-17 on the front so it fitted properly.

    to clarify things, it is not actually rubbing on the fork legs themselves but on the plastic slider things that stop the fork leg guards rubbing against the fork legs for whatever reason that it might happen.

    hopefully that made a bit of sense haha.
  14. removing the plastic sliders just gave it that extra clearance, and i've tested it on the dirt with some jumps and what-not as well as some serious riding in the hills and its all good now.

    not many updates, just put a 2 new water pump seals and water pump shaft in, seals were leaking and the shaft was stuffed. was nearly slipping. i put some different barkbusters on there, keeps the wind away better which is good coz i get cold hands easily.

    i've ordered a new rear tail-light with numberplate holder from the states, and i'll give ballards a call today to order some new guards, as the local bike shop is slow as eff.

    looking at exhausts to solve the tyre rubbing on there and giving it a bit more go, but the only one i've seen would be close to $1300 to get over here from the states, but its made to clear 170mm tyres... hmm
  15. went out and had a look at the muffler the other day, it looks like its about to explode from excess heat so theres a great excuse for buying a newie :)

    in other news, i crashed out racing motorcross on sunday and broke my left collarbone and some ribs on both sides. so the bike won't be getting ridden for a while :(
  16. Shit... not good to hear. Heal up!
  17. yeah i know, the doc said 3 weeks then see how you go. so i might go for a little ride after 3 weeks to see how it is then hit the gym and get super fit again.
  18. little update, changed my rear mudguard to the same style as the yz (motorcross), took ages trying to do it all coz of the injury but i think it looks better.


    no lights or plate yet, still waiting for the light to turn up from the states :(
  19. well im now off my restrictions. so im trying to weigh up keeping this or selling it before its worth nothing and im stuck with it forever.

    damn hard choice when its been so much fun.
  20. Win lotto and keep 2 bikes?