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My Shoei XR-1000 Review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ducati_davidson, May 17, 2009.

  1. aV1OjPUJ.

    Kevin Rudd bought me this helmet (geeze his a nice bloke!!)

    previously i was riding with a borrowed HJC ZF7 that was dated 01'
    I ride a VTR 250 and being a naked bike i get knocked around abit on the hiway

    Well today was my first ride with my new shoei XR-1000 (camino)
    and instantily i noticed the difference, i could hear much more of my surroundings and hear much less wind noise with the visor up or down.
    I found the shoei lighter and less bulkier than my last HJC helmet, which made sholder checks much easier with greater viewing angle.

    once up to 80km\hr i could hardly feel the wind force at all on my helmet, I'm assuming the little ducktail on the back of the helmet makes it much more aerodynamic.
    At 110km\hr i found riding with shoei helmet chalk and cheese compared to the HJC much less wind noise (the HJC was nearly deafining) and blown around much much less now.

    So for anybody new looking for there first helmet, DON'T SKIMP OUT
    I was a little unsure of spending $900 on a helmet but just looking closely at the build quality and the first 15 minutes of riding with the shoei, you can see where the money goes....
  2. $900 for an XR1000? Eek..

    I've got a TZR at the moment but the noise seems quite loud at high speed. The fit is really good though.

    If XR1000's are still around when i upgrade i'll definately check them out, they seem to get a lot of positive reviews.
  3. Glad you found one you like, licensed. I have the same model, and love it too.

    FWIW - if you don't want the latest designs they can be had for less than $600 if you look around.
  4. I am aiming towards a XR1000 for my next helmet.

    I'm in the same boat, love my TZR, but I think it can be a little better still.
  5. I bought an xr1000 straight up, got it for $600 as it was last years design.
    Don't regret it at all :D
  6. I reccon my tzr sucks balls.

    I'm reluctant to fork out money on any Shoei product as a result.
  7. Why so?
  8. Ventilation sucks. Cold, hot and wet
    Once worn in, it's not particularly quiet. In fact quite the opposite.
    It didn't become more comfortable as it wore in.
    It's not a particularly plush helmet for the price
    The liner is only partially removable
    The outside is not wearing that well (and I'm not abusing it).

    to put it in perspective it's better than $200 helmets on the market but not by much.

  9. I've had mine for a year and am loving it so far.

    haven't found the noise to increase at all, though i do wear ear plugs when doing anything other than round-town.

    my liner is still plush after daily use for commuting and haven't thought about cleaning yet.

    I use mr-sheen on the outside and it shines up as good as new.

    ventilation when hot is brilliant. when its cold i wear a bandanna to keep my head a little warmer.

    the only problem i have from time to time is fogging on the visor, but cracking it fixes that.

    I've got no regrets with getting it so far, though my next helmet will probably be a shark evoline or similar (they didn't exist when I got my shoei).
  10. Shoei XR1000

    Had mine for about 7 months now. Fantastic helmet. Paid about $650 from AMX (Current design).
    Used to wear an AGV, but the Shoei has more room, better ventilation, better acoustics e.t.c.
    My theory is, I have a head worth paying the extra for to get a good helmet that is safe, comfortable and will last.
    Each to their own. :grin:
  11. Love my XR1000.... I got it when they were a new design so its 2.5 years old now (althoguh rarely used in the last 6 months) and the only thing i can fault it on is i find it a little loud at sustained highway speeds but simple earplugs fix that and make riding much nicer anyway. Otherwise its worn exceptionally well, not a scratch on it, even the iridium visor is still very good despite dirt, bugs, cleaning etc, lining is still plush and i haven't considered removing it yet. Only ever had trouble with fogging in the worst of weather and only when riding in traffic as there's no airflow but i htink any helmet would suffer in the same conditions.
  12. Is any one using a breath guard on their XR1000?

    I was wondering how effective they are. I've been using rainx anti fog, it slows down the fogging but I find I still have to crack the visor.
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  14. The voices talk to me when I wear my XR1000
  15. My anti-fog fix for my TZR works brilliantly - breathing through my nose. Its not as comfortable as breathing through my mouth but works quite well. It also helps to keep me calm. :p
  16. I have a TZR and I'm a bit with ibast on his assessment. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether or not the air vent on top is open because I feel the same amount of wind coming through either way. The one for the visor works well but only above 60 km/h in cool/cold weather and above about 30 km/h in warm/hot weather. Otherwise, I normally have to crack the visor to prevent fogging. I wear ear plugs due to the wind noise above 70 km/h so I agree it isn't a quiet helmet. Mine is gloss black and scratches easily. It rolled over at my learner's course (I placed it on the ground with my gloves inside and they destabilised it) and the scratches from that look like it has taken a bit of an impact.

    The XR1000 has air outlet vents at the back and the ducktail. Apart from that, is it any different to the TZR and do its air vents actually make a difference?
  17. Yes - and you get the voices.

    the TZR it noisier that the xr1000, venting is better and shoei seem to made the only helmet that fits on my stupid head.
  18. Shoei XR1000

    I coat the visor with Plexus plastic polish. Gets the visor pretty much fog free and moisture seems to be repelled.
    I have the breath guard as well, but find it directs really cold air into my eyes. Guess I have an odd shaped head which may not help the situation.
    Other than that, I have heard that the old divers trick can work as well, just spit onto the visor and give it a wipe (Note: I have not tried this)
  19. Gidday guys,
    I also have a new XR-1000. When I bought it, it was the best fitting helmet. It still fits great wearing it round the house, however I've noticed that when riding around at highway speeds I feel the helmet pushing noticeably on my forehead. When doing shoulder checks when changing lanes I also feel that the helmet is moving on my head a little more than I would expect it.

    After taking the helmet off after a ride like this I've often got a big red spot on my forehead.

    I'm now worried that as the helmet has worn in it's gotten too loose, although it really doesn't feel like it when cruising around at low speeds.

    I'm wondering if perhaps getting thicker cheek pads may help, especially in the shoulder check scenario described.

    I too thought the wind noise was a little high, but ear plugs have sorted that out.

  20. I had my Shoei for two years now. I am really happy with it. It is way better than my KBC. Even my glasses fit in it very easily.