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My shiny new Zed

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Grimmelkin, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. After about 3 months of suffering serious hardware lust for a Z750.. I test rode one and could resist no longer...
    Picked it up 9am on Saturday. Finalised all the details on Thursday afternoon but I had to wait for the Oggy knobs to be fitted before I could take her home. It felt like I was five years old on xmas eve, I think all the anticipation probably shaved a couple of years of my life expectancy..

    Spent yesterday driving around trying to get used to riding something so quite and grunty while trying to keep the tacho under 4k and the bike under speed limit without the noise cues that I got used to on my ZZR250. Such a delicious jump in power even while sticking to the break in schedule and playing nice with the new tires and breaks, have to keep looking at the speedo as it just wants to go... It is so nice to be able to do freeway speeds without being deafened by the sound of the engine.
    The Zed is also much more spacious (I'm 5'11")and so comfortable, riding position is perfect. I can't wait to take it out to somewhere nice and twisty as it so nice to corner with.
    Can't get the grin off my face, :grin:

    Declined to ride on new tires in the rain this afternoon so we set up some studio lighting in the carpark and took a few shots of the bike before it gets rained on and has anything else added to it besides oggy knobs
    Full set is here
    but this one is probably the best of the set.


  2. Very nice & congrats on the purchase. See you around.
  3. Mate that looks smokin hot!

    Very nice in black.

    Good luck.
  4. nice bike... im stuck deciding what to aim to get next.... and these are definately up there

    enjoy the ride!
  5. welcome to the club, you'll love it ;)

    Just wait till you put a new pipe to hear that inline scream, and all those other little personalising extras :D

    PS: May I ask how much the oggy's set you back also, as I'm in the process of getting some funds for a set too!
  6. Don't worry I'm loving it.. I've been grinning so hard all week my face hurts :p

    $330 for the oggy knobs plus labor. You can see in the pics they are a bracket mounting not just the knobs, it wouldn't surprise me if you could get them cheaper if you called around.
    To install them you'll need to put a jack under the engine, hence I was happy to let a someone with all the necessary kit do it and not attempting it at home.. Also be warned the knobs stick out a fair way, while great for doing their job they are not the most flattering accessory.They are narrower than the bars but it makes the bike one wide beastie as it adds at least a couple of inches each side..

    I've already got a wish list of extras as long as my arm.. And here I was thinking a new bike would stop me hemorrhaging money on bikes.. :p
    I will definitely be starting to look at pipes when the novelty of being able to hear my self think starts to wear off. It is a bit disconcerting being so quite when playing in traffic..
  7. Very nice! As another black Z750 owner (09), I think you've got great taste :D

    About Oggy Nobs, I grabbed some and an engine case slider from R&G racing UK and it cost about $200. They don't have a frame like yours, so wouldn't expect them to stick out as far. Unfortunately I haven't been able to install them yet because the hole through the frame is offset by about 2mm to the engine block hole which sounds like the issue you had.

    Anyway, have fun on the new ride!
  8. Cheers thanks, The black is pretty awesome, I considered white but it looks too much like an Apple product..

    I've seen the bracketless ones while hunting around for swing arm spools, I imagine they are much more subtle with no bracket.
    Read a few horror stories of people trying to install them themselves and having the engine drop far enough they couldn't get the bolts back in as the holes didn't line up.. best of luck getting them on,
  9. Now that's one sexy looking Zed
    These are very high on my upgrade list due to looks, performance and value for money.
    How do you find the seat? I've read a few negatives about it.
  10. Which transformer is that?
  11. Great choice Grimm... I have a soft spot for the Kwaka's.. I'm 6ft4 so therefore feel as if by body leans over the front forks too much. You wont be disappointed.. Keep us up to date.

    Stay Safe