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My Second Bike: Yamaha FZ1N

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ~Samuel~, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Well some of you guys will be familiar with my first bike, the good old Hyosung GT250 https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=119464#.Tsc4cXKLMZk

    Well after selling it on a few months the itch for a new bike was growing so i decided to start shopping for a replacement. I was looking for a naked/streetfighter to follow on with the theme from the Hyosung.

    After looking at a lot of second hand bikes i found this beautiful 2006 FZ1N with 8000km's on the clock for a very good price. I had planned on a KTM superduke but the R models are hard to find and hold their value however as soon as i saw the FZ1 i knew it was the right bike.

    She is mint :angel:








    I have a big 'to do' list in my head so stay tuned for modifications :D
  2. Nice bike...............

    I nearly had me one of these a while back......good choice
  3. bit of an upgrade from th hyo? lol nice bike :)
  4. Lovely bike. Beautiful things. I prefer the S model with the fly screen, and I'd like a bit more grunt - everywhere but especially down low - but they're an amazingly capable and versatile bike, heaps of fun to ride.


    [edit] On 2nd thoughts, stepping straight up from a 250 hysung - that's plenty of go! Be a bit careful. That thing can throw you at the scenery a lot faster than you're used to.
  5. Congrats Samuel !
    She's definitely a looker...and the pipe really compliments her naughty but nice (or is it the other way round?) nature (y)
  6. nice bike! ill be looking at these when i move on from the sv, whenever that is!

    hows the power down low? thats my only issue....
  7. ^^ ... meh ...
  8. Thanks BitSar, im certainly happy with my choice

    Lol yeah just a little bit, its amazing how much better the bike really is. I was expecting a huge improvement but its everything i expected and more.

    Thanks kneedragon, going from the 250 hyo its certainly an eye opener. I have a lot of respect for it that is for sure. As for lacking low down power it certainly pulls hard enough to keep me entertained at the moment.

    There is always the option of R1 cam's and valve springs at a later date ;)


    I don't think the first two owners ever rode it, only 8400km's for an 06 so she is virtually new. I got her for a ripper price with the OEM exhaust and a bike cover.

    You would have to ride one, compared with some bikes probably not that great but going from a 250 hyosung there is bucket loads of power, she does not seem to struggle rolling on in 6th from 80.
  9. ^^ Second - and the reason I never went down the FZ1N path - it's a desert down there............nothing for miles and miles.

    And that's the difference - my twin will roll on in 6th from 40 without even batting an eyelid - although, she never gets the chance to be that lazy! (y)

    Still - a great bike, a great choice - enjoy mate!
  10. That does make sense. It wouldn't be as bad as a 600 supersport though? I was looking at an R6 but decided i wanted a naked and being so tall (6ft 5) they were painfully small.

    There a quite a few things i'd like to do so ill start modding :D
  11. I made a keyring for it lol

  12. They don't exactly struggle down low. Most of what I know I've heard, I've only ridden one very briefly. I have ridden around for a day and half on an FZ6N, and I think the character is similar. There's no bottom end, to speak of. From about 3 ~ 6 there's enough, but it's nothing flash, and then it gradually builds to about 10, then stays the same to about 13. Redline is 14.5, and it goes through that quite happily and starts bouncing off the limiter at about 15.

    Injection at any engine speed is a treat. Just about perfect. Throttle response is smooth and round and proportional and linear and just beautiful. In addition, you can open the throttle any way you like at low revs and just get smooth torque. No shuddering or jack-hammering or transmission lash or anything. Of course, there isn't very much torque, but you can use it. You can ease the thing down below idle speed in top gear and then pull away. (On level ground anyway.) The only other bikes I can remember being able to do that on were the FJR13, and my old GSX11s.

    Whether the FZ1S exactly matches that I'm not sure - I didn't have long enough in the saddle to try it, but it felt pretty much the same.
  13. is that an offer? :D
  14. It does with me :wink:
  15. enjoy the miles of smiles :)
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  16. Nice one Samuel, great looking bike.
  17. Thanks MOrrrph

    I have a had a few decent rides now and i can say im very impressed.

    A good friend of mine is a photographer and he got a few snaps of me as we headed up into the hills for lunch.




  18. You are right on, I have an FZ6N and an R6, the R6 is older, but they both have the same engine. The FZ is slightly de-tuned, but these are high strung engines they love it at 6K+. The FZ1 will be the same, R1 engine, detuned, wont start really working until 6K.

    In saying that I have ridden both and they don't mind running around in 4K area, really good for commuting for this reason. My Poor R6 hates anything less than 5K.

    I was tossing upbetween the FZ1 and R6. but i have a syndrome known as Ass too close to the ground. So went the slightly smaller R6.

    FZ1N is a fantastic bike, congrats and enjoy it.
  19. Thanks thefloppy

    Im certainly enjoying it, racked up 1000kms in the first month, which means im getting close it is 2nd service (10,000kms) so im going to start costing up what i need to do it.

    Ill agree with you that she is really best above 6k but is ok at 4k in traffic. Most of the time 60kmph is 3rd or maybe 4th though and that's with a smaller front sprocket, they must be silly tall from the factory.

    Im going to make time to do a baseline suspension set up as i have been riding it as i bought it and its certainly not perfect. I think the only thing i have done so far is added some swing arm spools for a stand and that's it.

    Next to do is get some tyres ordered and some bar end mirrors as im not sure what the hell Yamaha were thinking with the chrome mirrors. Beyond that im looking at a full system, airbox mods, PC5, rear shock etc etc


  20. Enjoy the FZ1 - i really enjoy mine!

    have a look here - http://www.fz1-forum.com/forum/cmps_index.php

    there is stacks of info re: mods, etc - if your interested.

    I find it really easy to commute on, just plodding along in top gear doesn't seem to worry it- and i dont find it overly doughy down low?



    PS. Anyone got a good way to clean off the headers? mine are starting to discolor?