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My second bike....it actually moves! :D

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by something_wild, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Hey all, an unexpected turn of events meant that i could upgrade earlier than i thought.

    A mate conveniently booked in to do his L's recently and always liked my little cbr250rr. It's an MPE (ausie delivered) and super clean so i put it to him to snap mine up for a good price and i could check out an RVF400 that i came across on these here forums of all places!

    Long story short, he went for it, i loved the RVF now he has my old ciblet, and i am the proud owner of an immaculate, original oem scheme RVF!

    Should serve me well for the next six months of my restrictions.....the 250 was getting very painfull, power and comfort wise :p


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  2. What an awesome deal! I've seen one just like this at work and would have it in a heartbeat, "LAMS" or not...
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  3. Awesome choice I rekon I'd have bought one if I had of known about them when I was on my L's. Some people say they're over priced but I think it would be a fun ride :)
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  4. Yep rippa deal NiteKreeper! My mate is wrapped with the cbr and i'm wrapped with the rvf!
    Really quite a special bike, single sided swingarm, upside down showa front forks, unique V4.... Yet to push it through the twisties, but absolutely hanging to as i hear they handle like crazy! Guess that's why they're so popular as a trakie.
    LAMS or not, top bike!

    And Beza, i totally agree....most are overpriced. That's what initially put me off them and pushed me towards the cbr, but this was a paticulaly good deal, and now after doing 300 odd km's on it, the only thing i regret is not spending the extra $$ initially and getting one from the start.
  5. They are over priced. But if you're keen on getting one and wouldn't mind waiting, you can snap them up for a steal from the UK and ship it over.

    VFR/RVF are great bikes and congrats on your purchase something_wild. I would love to be able to afford another to put on the road...don't get to ride the tracky very often :(. Take it out to the twisties, you will love it :D.
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  6. Goddamn that is a sexy looking bike...love the single-sided swingarm...congrats!
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  7. It's like a CBR250RR on steroids :D
  8. Winning choice mate. :D
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  9. Thanks guys, very happy with it and although on paper the power difference isn't huge compared with the cbr (40hp v 60hp), on the road the difference is massive. I now don't have to absolutely ring It's neck to get moving swiftly...great feeling.
    Planning to keep it completly as it is except for some white rim tape as I am a sucker for that look. It seems as though these original shape ones are becoming more sought after than the tyga kitted ones, and tbh I love the old school super sports look of it anyway....wouldn't have it any other way!
  10. Dude... singly swing arms FTW.

    I polished up my rim nice the other day, it's a right pimp chariot now :D
  11. Very nice, if only I was about half the size I am I would love to ride a little sporty like this around :)
  12. How big are you Kernel? I'm 6' and around 105kg....still a tad small for me but much more comfy than the cbr!
    Idealy as far as sports bikes go, a litre bike is perfect for my frame, but i'll have to wait another 6 months for that jump (y)

  13. litre bike sounds like the biz :D

    I have alot of fun on my vfr with my 6"1' 80kg frame...

    And i fit perfectly TBH, aside from feeling like i've been utterly butt****ed into next year after a long ride...
  14. LOL @ butt**** into next year! You have a way with words dude, love your work.

    Yet to go on a long ride, hoping I won't need a wheelchair after..
  15. Very nice bike. Mate a 50% power increase is HUGE. I've always liked single arms.
  16. A little lighter and a little taller than you.
  17. Where in the UK, exactly?
    I really do like these - somebody needs to talk me out of importing one as a trackie...
  18. Sent you a PM
  19. Very nice bike! I was getting very close to snapping this one up if the price came down any more.
    That said it was a very good deal - just a big jump for me to buy a bike like this sight unseen from interstate.
    In the end went for a Hornet 250 though, which I have liked for a long time.
  20. love the SSS and twin stacked exhausts, congrats and enjoy!
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