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my searches being censored

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by freddy, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Ive noticed lately when doing searches using google that a page comes up saying this page is not available, is big brother censoring my searches?
    Its not like I am looking for p0rn as motorcycles are what rings my bell.
    I am thinking about using another search engine, maybe one that doesnt subscribe to the nanny state, any suggestions?

  2. "this page is not available"

    had it ever occurred to you that the site might simply be unavailable?

    'When confronted with a choice of a conspiracy, or a stuff-up, go with the stuff-up every time"
  3. I wouldn't imagine changing search engines will solve the 'page not available' problem. If Google was censoring the searches it simply wouldn't come up in the list.
    You can play around in the preferences section of Google but I think that's primarily to block out p0rn images?

    Do you have a specific page you can't get to?....if so PM or post address and see if someone else can get to the page.
  4. One day a friend of of a friend of mine complained to google about this very matter. He was never seen again.

  5. You should have googled him.

  6. lolololol bang, good 1
  7. Be alert, but not alarmed ;)
  8. Searching for gerbils and motorcycles might not be looking for p0rn, but it's still strange.

  9. Welcome back, Pro-Pilot.
  10. But now we're telling you "It's OK, be alarmed"

    Have you got your how to spot a terrorist fridge magnet yet?

    possibly one of the funniest chaser skits ever.
  11. Not downloading from suspicious websites are you

    Or having packages delivered that you dont normaly

    Thats always intrigued me how would i tell if he was downloading from suspicious websites like im gunna look in his window and see while the other neighbour reports me as a prowler
  12. we have a winner!!!
  13. There are some trojans that "redirect" Google search results to other sites.

    Trojans use their own DNS and cause havoc trying to download more malware.

    Had 2 computers infected at work, and the antivirus software didn't pick anything up.