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My scene

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MyoMan, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Hi guys.
    I'm glad to say after 23 years or so of looking I've finally found my scene. I've always loved motorcycles since I was a kid but only just recently (November 14') decided to get my L's and now I have a bike.
    Although I haven't been riding for long I can safely say it's the best and most exhilarating thing I've done. It's not just a way to get around, it's a lifestyle.
    I love the sense of community in the biker universe. I can ride past a stranger on a bike and get an acknowledged nod. It's not something that happens when driving.
    I'm around the Point Cook/Seabrook area so if anyone wants to go do a ride sometime just inbox me I'm very keen to make new friends.

    Thanks Netrider

  2. Welcome to the forum MyoManMyoMan .. What bike / colour do you have ?
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Welcome Myoman.
    There's a few riders here from your area. Hopefully they'll see your post and say hi.
    Try to swing past the Saturday Learners session at Elwood to meet some members and brush up on your skills.

    Also, Point Cook MC have a few rides and events. Check them out on Facebook. I think a few are on here, and Anita from Fuel Motorcycles.
  5. Awesome thanks guys. I have a blue Suzuki GS500 2008. In my profile pic.
  6. Welcome mate!

    You might not always get a nod back from Harley riders though.....
  7. welcome and enjoy the riding
  8. Welcome mate
  9. Welcome aboard the good ship Netrider...

  10. Welcome to NR.
  11. I had the same thought Hyperspex, we are showing our age though the OP would have been a glint in his fathers eye when the Hoodoo Gurus were around. ;)

    Welcome Myoman, as othes have said there is a fair contingent of Westies on the forum, including a coffee group that meets every Monday. See THIS thread.
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  12. :cat:
    Song was ruined in NSW when the NRL got ahold of this when the Hoodoos sold out and it became what's my team...sheesh!
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  13. That song was going through my head as I started the thread. Monday nights would be awesome if I didnt have to work. I usually finish at 7.
    Its good to see a lot of people from the west
  14. Ah well you are older than I thought then ;) Or you have been exposed to the NRL use/misuse of the song.

    Maybe worth posting up in that thread to say hello, depending on where you work they may be still going. A lot of times people have meals as well.
  15. Welcome to NR...