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My Sachs with mods.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CHOPS1, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. When i first brought it home earlier in the year.


  2. It wasnt long and i had a new exhaust and carby jets on the way.
    This made quite a difference.

  3. I then put some lower straighter bars on with bar end mirrors.


  4. I then went in a totally different direction, even though i think the underseat exhaust suits these bikes i thought this looked better.

    I bought a GP style monkey bike exhaust, and dropped the rear with a shorter shock.

  5. And how it is now, i got a Sachs logo made up in a font i thought would look good and in white because i had whitewalls in mind.
    I painted these up myself with whitewall paint. I think it turned out well.



  6. Dude that is ****ing fantastic.

    One of my friends is starting to mad-out his mad-ass. New engine and other stuff. But man that thing looks the biz!!!
  7. WOW that looks wicked... any improvement performance wise with the new exhaust and jet kit ???
  8. Thanks guys. Yeah the exhaust and jets gave it some improvement.
    I have some sprockets on the way, which will make 1st gear more usable and get rid of the high revs at speed.
  9. i have nothing to say
  10. Ah, but you still had to say something!:p
  11. This is awesome!
  12. what is a sachs for ?
  13. Sachs is for fun=D>
  14. What engine have you got in? What exhaust did you put on?

    Got a mate who is about to install a Lifan 150cc into his madass, just curious as to what your setup is.
  15. There's also a 160cc 4 valve one of those
    make sure you do the carb and exhaust as well
    be no use, a bigger engine, if it can't breathe .....:angel:

  16. The motor is still the 125, i'll replace it after a while. but its still not a year old yet. And the exhaust is a cheap chinese monkey bike one.
  17. looks cool
  18. I fitted up my new seat the other day,and modded the original seat bracket to suit the seat length wise. along with the custom plate my girlfriend bought me for christmas.



  19. you have a girlfriend?