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my rvf400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jeddymon, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    my name's Jared. obtained my L's in february, and purchased a 08 kwaka ninja 250r.

    getting my Ps a few months down the track, and having a few mates just starting out to ride, i decided to sell my bike to one of them, and purchased a mint honda RVF400.

    awesome bike with plenty of power and great handling.

    came stock, but since then ive purchased a Megacycles slip on, tinted screen, and put some reflective rim tape!

    first pic is of my old bike, with my current bike in stock form.

    second pic is how it stands today!


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  2. I hope you don't park that in the street - theft of motorcycles, especially those LAMS certified, is through the roof!
  3. Hi Jared awesome new bike you will have so much fun with it
    My husband and I both have RVF 400's and they are the best
  4. Grats on the bike, I hear they are little rockets. I freaking love the single sided swingarm and the rims!
  5. Nice bike. Quiet a few on this forum have one and they love it.
  6. I have a mate just picked up an RVF400 as well... he is looking for options for a new pipe... where did you get yours?
  7. Nice work on the bike Jared. I do like those rims.

    Welcome to the forum
  8. I have a carbon fiber oval can to suit the RVF for sale, PM if keen.
  9. Thanks for the kind words.

    I don't actually park my bike out on the street. I just made a quick stop at a mate's place and took a quick snap.

    purchased it from http://www.megacycle.com.au/

    was recommended from a fellow netrider member. sounds beautiful.

    Quo Vadas, lovin the tyga tail!
  10. ^^ I had a Megacycle can on one of my bikes. Great note and quality product. Ken @ Megacycle is a top bloke.
  11. Welcome to the V4 life Jared and very nice and clean looking RVF :).

    Ken Onus knows his stuff around the VFR/RVFs and a top bloke indeed. If I remember correctly, he used to race the 400s...if not still and was bloody good at it.