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My RTA Snap (a 3 pointer!)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Supernego, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    But Your Honour, look at the date and time.. I was late for the Sat Coffee Night at Mean Fiddler :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Missed the camera sign? :(

  3. How do they know it was you and not the buzzbox that late?
  4. If only you'd been riding a little further to the left :grin:
  5. Chef it is the strips in the road that pick your speed and the buzz box has not crossed them yet, you can see them in the photo
  6. Note in the information bar at the top Lane 2

  7. :shock: Bastards :mad:
    (not you two :LOL: )
    Thanks guys.
  8. I believe that you need to be stupid to get caught by a speed camera and i was stupid!!!!
    Thats a 100years old speed camera at Castle hills road. I don't live there but it is an old one. That car on the left was actually on the right lane, going 50km/h
    I was following behind on the left lane. Saw the speed warning signs and was counting one, two, three......
    The speed camera is hidden behind a tree and 100m before a traffic light. The car suddenly realised he wanted to turn left at the traffic lights and moved in my lane, still going 50km/h. I got shitty, moved on the right lane and accelerated to ... 72km/h..
    After i passed the traffic light, i realised what i did... I actually did a U turn to find out where the camera was.. I knew i was done.. Then i proceeded to the Mean Fiddler doing something+30km/h and i extinguished my anger with a Carlton Draught!!
    As I said, you must be stupid to get caught by a fixed speed camera :roll:
  9. Bad luck Tony :oops:

    Ididn't want to call you stupid................. but I think that camera has been there for 200 years :roll:

    Can you write a dear kind police officer sir letter??? got good behaviour??
  10. "got good behaviour"
    Yea, i'm good.. but i'll keep it for next time. Now i will pay it, treasure my 9 points and make sure i don't do it again.. until i do!!!
    For me it is another proof that no matter how much you know, how many times etc, we are still humans and we will end up fcuking up!!! I'll keep that thought for every time i take a corner!!!
  11. At which you won't have good behaviour...
  12. 'Cause I'm a bad boy... :cool: The other 6 points i got again doing 62 on 50 zone. But it was DD.. Mobile trap . Ernest st bridge over gore, NrtSydney. I thought it was a 60 zone as the next bridge, Falcon stris 60... Logical.. Why 50 on a bridge with no houses!!. So they can have fun over DD!! :p
  13. I did not know Scooters went that fast :LOL: or was it going down hill with atai wind :p

    Cheers :cool:
  14. Ah mate, that's a killer that speed camera!

    I always know it's coming, but somehow it sneaks up on me.
  15. That speed camera is one of those that is sometimes not working !

    I flew pass that camera about 6months ago, day dreaming doing 90km/h+ !
    I know that camera is there and I always slow down, but on that afternoon I totally forgot, as I approached the traffic lights up ahead to slow down I looked down on my speedo and the needle was between 80-90. :eek:

    I still have not received a letter in the mail ! :-k

    Or maybe the ticket was sent to DESMO Duc, not DE5MO Duc ! :eek:
  16. scooters can go that fast?! :shock:

    cool pic! get that framed or use it as your desktop background.

    did ya have to pay to get that pic?
  17. I think he paid over $200 for it.
  18. :LOL: :LOL:

    (on a serious note, yes - it used to cost over $80 to get the photo! Its probably more now)
  19. :LOL: it was only $10 or $11 and i don't have lot's of photos of me riding so....
    The car's rego has been errased by a black marker and on top liquid paper.. So i scratched away the blanco and there it was BBY-3You are a slow moving idiot :LOL:
  20. Just to make you happy Tony.

    The NSW Infringement / RTA must have about a dozen pics of me from the Carlingford Rd east-bound speed camera.

    All photos are of me heading WEST though !!!!! :rofl: