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My RSex

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Hobo, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all. Got my fulls 3 months ago and bought this day after. Just got around to finish installing most of the blings to it. Heres some pics after a wash and shine.

  2. er... pics? Or anything?
  3. its so shiny/clean/crisp, I like! gold/black is always hot.

    though you gotta do something with ya rego & list ya mods!
  4. Its there, you cant see? hmm.. KAMBO can. :?:
    Thanks. I probably get a rego tube when i renew next year. it looks better there now than on the corner of the plates. Mods so far;
    -Fender eliminator
    -Akra cf slip on
    -Some more cf including front/rear fender, chain guard, tank protectors.
    -Sato rear sets
    -ASV short levers
    -Puig Black DB screen
    -Radiator protector
    -Integrated mirrors
    -Flush mounts
    -Gold bolts, reservoir caps, bar ends, spools, fork adjusters (still need to install engine bolts)
    -Custom vinyl seat covers
    -black reflective rim stickers
    -scorpio alarm system

    just waiting for my last headlight mod to arrive end of month or early next year. I get some pics once i install those.
  5. Great, looks really good! Now go & ride the bloody thing!
  6. Got'em now! Looks great!

    Nice colour scheme, and lots of bits! I really like the mirrors.

    Number plate will get you in trouble though - has to be readable from 45 degrees in any direction (including vertically) and the plate lights have to shine down. That'll get those weird looking red units up further out of sight anyway! If you get a really sh*tty cop pull you over he/she might make an issue of the lack of fender (rear wheel supposed to be covered around to 45 degrees from the axel) but getting the plate reasonable (at least angled down a bit) should reduce the amount of unwanted attention.
  7. Looks fantastic mate!

    8 more months to go till my fulls, hopefully these will fall into my budget range in that time:p
  8. i got the same bike in blue (08), fantastic bikes..

    but my personal opinion, the can is to chunky, jardines look better
  9. i prefer the deeper tone of cf cans. but if i was to get metal, these would have to be the best i've heard and way too loud for my neighbors specially when i come home from work after 10pm. :-({|=
  10. You really need to do something about those chicken stripes....8-[

    Nice ride, BTW, enjoy it.
  11. Who made the seat for you?
  12. One of the nicest R6's ive seen, looks mint as!
  13. lui moto. theres an aus company that does custome seat aswell. metzi moto.
  14. bike looks awesome :) love the black and gold!
  15. Nice!!

    But does it wheelie?
  16. Looks FANTASTIC !!!
  17. Never been the biggest Yammy fan, but these R6s look downright hot. They look better than the R1s. Black and gold always looks great :)

    Take care of it mate.
  18. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    If you ever feel like a swap for the old school im in haha,

    looks unreal man, the black and gold is amazing!