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my riding got cut short.... :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bosco, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. hey everyone,

    Well where to begin......... on sunday the 28th sept last year i went out riding with some friends/members from another club from canberra. all i remember was getting ready to leave from a coffee stop and then suddenly waking up with people standing in front of me saying i'd just had an accident.

    What had happened was a gust of wind blew me off the road on a sweeper and i hit an embankment at anything over 90km/h.
    it sent me into the air like a rag doll catapulting me 90m down the road.
    i sustained multiple injuries incl breaking my right ankle, ribs, left wrist (distal radius, Scaphoid) right clavicle and punctured lungs and the worst being a spinal cord injury at T4 leaving me a para. It was the darkest day of my life where i nearly never made it. i've got zero memory of the day. because sci is so complex i was told i would never walk again. however miracles have happend and im not gonna give up hope that something returns... u never know. :) along with research into sci etc never know what may happen in ten yrs for example. and lastly and most importantly a certain person was looking out for me from above and he can work miracles :) you gotta believe!

    I have not looked at the bike except the 2 pics i do have..



    Some of ya may remember it as TheYaks old RVF400.
    Sorry mate, i broke my promise of not chucking it down the road..... :( :cry:

    everytime i'm outside and see a bike go past i miss it soo much... :(

    Will never forget the awesome times...


    esp Dargo!

  2. All I can say is wow mate. I'm very sorry to hear that.....

    I hope you keep your hope and optimism with you forever as those traits are so great to have, and just make life that much better.

    Good luck in the future :D
  3. I DO remember that bike. Sorry to hear such an awful outcome from a simple ride.

    I too am praying that our marvellous doctors will find and answer for you, and Lenna and others :).
  4. That's Bad Bad luck mate. Thing is, something like that could happen to any of us. Freak of nature. Wrong place at the wrong time.

    I too hope that medical advancements come further to help those with such (a simple really) break. Always come down to ethics/politics for the the stem cell research.

    Best of luck to you.


  5. YeahI guess all i can do for now is stay positive and just do things differently...

    Did have a laugh rollin round the hospital like this haha


    sorry its just how i used to ride around with it on my head for a laugh... :)
  6. I still love that Elmo helmet Bevan. It's awesome. I have total respect for the positive attitude you have/are displaying. Was fun meeting you in Dargo.
    Get back out there anyway you can.
  7. damn, not good champ, fingers crossed for u and others stemcell takes off
  8. :cry: Man i'm so sorry to hear that. I really hope some good comes of it.
    I got so upset reading this... Good luck man, I have only well wishes for you.
  9. Fark, I had no idea.

    So sorry your ride ended so badly.

    Well done for maintaining a positive 'tude.

    Now that Obama is in office and has approved SCI research, an answer may be closer than we once thought. *shakes head* how the religious nuts ever got the right to stop SCI research I'll never know. Bloody do gooders.
  10. Extremely sorry to hear this. Keep the faith with the Stem Cell research. It may not happen overnight, but it WILL happen :wink: .

    With the problems experienced at the time, my wife was told during our first childs birth that ten yrs prior she would have died.

    I checked out the Laser Eye surgery a while back and being long sighted, there was nothing they could do. Not so now(I just can't afford it at this time).

    And we've all heard what was said about space travel back in the early part of last century. Now, technically, people are "living" out there.

    As I said, it WILL happen.
  11. Stay stronger man.

    We need to hear stories like yours to keep us always thinking.

    Good luck dude.
  12. Wow, sorry to hear about your accident, my partner also had a off like this, take your time with your recovery, you will be pretty amazed at what YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO in a chair.

    I have seen it first hand from my partner who got dizzy from just sitting up the first time in a chair, to her now having a fair amount of balance. We have been skiing (thats a real hoot, and something i highly recommend you try, if you love a speed and freedom) to scuba diving, camping, to being a pillion on a motorcycle and now to riding a modded motorcycle (though this last one is not a easy or quick option (there is a lot (lots) of red tape to go through) but i will keep you update on that process if you are interested.

    Also yep never give up on walking, there is a bit happening in SCI research, but like others have said a lot of do gooders get in the way, imo anyone that thinks it this type of research shouldn't happen, i would be more then willing to snap everyone of there backs (plus friends and family) of those people, and still see if they have the same opinion!! :evil: Anyway, some things seem like they might start happening now.

    You may find you will also really find out who are good friends/people through times like this aswell, don't get hung up on those so called friends, i can asure you the really good ones, will take the time to help up stair cases, drag you across sandy beaches, and just be a bit understanding of your other needs you will have being that come with a SCI.

    Hope this helps a bit, and gives you something to look forward, because you do have a lot to look forward too.

    Cheers stewy
  13. not good at all but as others have said your tude will make a huge influence on the outcome. if the a$$holes who didnt want stem cells years ago had buggered off you would be well into it.
    just hearing how mangled yuo must have been the fact you are here is pretty good IMO.
    for other reasons i almost went once so just fight like a mother.
    be strong.
    my thoughts are with you and your family
  14. Sorry to hear about that mate, and great attitude! Stay strong and I hope things all work out for you.

    Makes me realise how lucky I was coming off down the Hume! I have been able to keep riding but I think I will put it on hold for a while.... i wouldn't be as strong as you are. All the best!
  15. Great attitude mate. As everyone has said, one day! And probably not too far off imho.
  16. Thanks for the kind words!!! It def helps esp when I'm feeling a bit down... happens from time to time, but i just gotta fight thru it and stay positive....

    I really do hope things move along now with all the research etc, not only for spinal cord injury but for everything else stem cells could be used for.
    Funny thing is, its not so much the not being able to walk that annoys me, but everything else associated with SCI..... i reckon if i had to choose between the two in terms of healing etc it would be the latter.... I've learnt how to do heaps of things in the chair, I've also had my share of stacks, either falling backwards or falling forward out the chair hahahaha whooops :D guess its all part of the learning process. The road is long ahead, but its up to me to decide how I go along :)

    What was also sad was the fact my brand new fairings arrived from Tyga the very next day hahahaha its still sitting in the box in storage!
    Well, i guess if the bike is salvagable, I'll build it up over time... if the frame is rooted well, i guess i'll sell what i can incl the fairings, but i hope not. even if i could just look at the bike i'd be over the moon :) I loved it!! :oops: :LOL:
  17. Good luck with the rehab and only the positive prevail. btw where do I get that Elmo mask/hat from??? I really wanna get one to go with my bicycle bell on my bike.
  18. Just saw this post but have been following ya progress mate - will be in touch soon.
  19. Sorry to hear of your accident Bosco, the Elmo helmet definitely bought a smile to our faces at Dargo. You have a good attitude, stay positive, and stay on this forum too, friends are the best medicine.

    I wish you all the good karma that I can.

    Cheers :)
  20. Hey mate,

    It's good to see that you've kept the head up high on this one, you're a lot stronger than most people ive ever met.