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My Rides

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 96CI, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Photos of my rides

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  2. yes
  3. Looks fantastic, been trying to get there for years but haven't made it yet, well done :watching::watching:
  4. After a little bit more posting of messages, you'll have permission to upload photos
  5. Yes all a little frustrating really.
  6. Only a little.

    I've just been to visit my sister in hospital. She's just had an operation on both feet. Your frustrations are minor and will be swiftly resolved.
    Hers will take a little longer.

    (Though she'll get a little more sympathy than the smart arse comments that you got from the residents/inmates here)
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  7. Howdy 96CI, you can create a showcase item to show off your bikes. The forum list is a good place to look for the right place to post a topic and a quick search may reveal a thread on the subject you wish to discuss.
  8. My sister had her toes reconstructed 2 years ago, yes a very painful experience, had to go back this year to have 2 redone, unfortunately bad feet and legs is a family trait