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My Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Gumby, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. WTF!

    I uploaded to image shack and the jpegs are there but I'm buggered if I can see them here. All I can see are two little red crosses in the uppr left hand corner of where the image should appear.

    Okay I'm not that savvy so can anyone suggest whats up?
  2. Either try it this way:


    Or, (and I have never used imageshack, so I may be totally wrong), I believe they have given you a link to a page, rather than to the actual image.
    If you have a look at the imageshack page on the bottom right, it has two links, one that says "link" (thats the ones above), and another that says "direct link". I would bet $50 of your money that you want the direct link one instead.
  3. All squared away Fybre.
  4. WOW WOW WOW, bloody nice bike mate=D>. Love the Guzzi's, oneday i will own a old Guzzi.
  5. very nice i like it alot
  6. Thanks for your appreciation. Seems it appeals to a lot of people. I get no shortage of offers from guys eg notes tucked into the seat or elsewhere asking me to sell. I'm not sure I could ever do that but in the highly unlikely event I had to sell :shock: I've no doubt I'd recover my money and it would go very quickly....much like an ice cold beer at a bushfire.

  7. Love it mate! I bet it sounds fantastic!
  8. Yes its as loud as buggery since I had the custom mufflers fitted....and a nice note too....:music:...I can't sneak up on any bastard.

    Loud pipes save lives...
  9. lovely looking toy :)
  10. Believe it or not I bought this off a priest from Toowoomba.He also had a Le Mans Mark2 and his missus had a Monza 500. The 1000s was parked on marine ply in his lounge room.
  11. Do you get many mechanical problems with her mate?
  12. Very few.In 270,000k's, I think the worst was a broken drive shaft but that was yonks ago and it happened close to home fortunately.A buggered return spring in the g/box left me without gears and that happened very close to home too.Replaced clutchplate.....ummm thats all I think apart from replacement thru fair wear and tear like rubber bits/seals here and there,ie crankcase breather.

    Its just a bloody reliable,tough machine and I've flogged it within an inch of its life but it just comes back for more.
  13. Awesome, I have always loved those old moto guzzis, particularly the V7 Sport. I was tempted to buy a new Moto Guzzi V7 Classic but they are pretty gutless.... Abit of a shame really.
  14. very nice bike mate.

    I miss my old bike, It really is the essence of riding.