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My Ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by andbat, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. lols, got myself my first bike about a month ago. she's a bit rough but a good learner bike.


    gonna change a few mechanical things first. runs well, accept the accelerator sticks on, pritty sure it aint the carby or the hand part, any ideas, i'm stumped.

  2. Try pulling the throttle assembly apart a little, and dousing it with WD40 - that usually works for me.

    Congrats on the new ride!
  3. tried it, even made sure the handle wasn't rubbing on the end of the bar. thanks though
  4. Make sure the cable isn't kinked!
    Also the twist grip may need a bit of lithium grease.
  5. Is the cable dirty frayed or in need of lube?
  6. Ahhhh you made me smile. Congrats on the bike and even with my experience riding them I, unfortunately, can't give you any help with your issue. Found myself interested in your 'yellow box', is it a painted AusPost one?
  7. Haha, nice. They seem like a great learner bike. Are you in NSW? If so, apparently you can do your test on it, but still walk away with a bike licence (not automatic/scooter restricted).
  8. hahaha freaking awesome bike :D welcomes m'dear
  9. Nice ride. A couple thousand posties can't be wrong
  10. Awesome. Can't go wrong with one of them. And they're so fun to ride.
  11. thanks everyone for the welcome!

    accelerator is fixed now...
    was a little late though, it jammed leaving the lights and i scooted through them and hit into neutral, panicked and forgot about the kill switch, and hit a no standing poll with my left leg and fell on my side. was all over so quickly i went into shock almost passed out, almost threw-up, what a rush!
    had all my gear on so only lost a little bit of skin of my knuckles and got a bad bruise on my left thigh. everyone around at the time was very helpful. i sat on the sidewalk for about 30mins getting my colour back and going through all the "what ifs..." before jumping back on the horse and continuing home.

    turns out there were a few contributing factors to the sticking carby.
    1: cable guider for top of carb was from a different bike, so cable was angled badly, and bars under the plastic bit under the hands may have been a little dirty and creating to much friction for the return.
    but she snaps back quick as a misguided youth with an opinion now.

    the box is a postie box, painted yellow by previous owner, the custom scratches it sports now are all mine though.

    i allready need to put a new photo up, latest visible upgrades:
    foot peg rubbers and 2 mirrors.
    non visible:
    16 tooth (stock is 15) front sprocket,
    and general roadworthy things like, reliable brake light, high and LOW beam headlight, exhaust shield supported correctly.

    planning a ride from wollongong to cooma 13th and back 15th, so if you see a postie bike, yellow box and a rider covered from neck to angle in high vis fluro yellow/green wind and rain resistant clothing, stop me and say hi so i can stand around for a while, talk, and give my behind a rest.
    the pratice/testing trips to and from sydney have taught me that the petrol tanks capacity was designed to give the rider a good excuse to pull over and walk around a bit.

    ps: anyone got an old spring loaded indian seat lying around?

  12. A warning to all,,, If your bike isn't right mechanicaly,,, Don't ride it!
    You got off light & lucky this time andbat.
    Good to hear you're ok though.
  13. Once you have that done you might try Sydney to London on it..oh..someone else has done that..an epic trip on a bulletproof bike.
  14. well i made it cooma!!! first half of the ride was in the rain. so i did the rest with soggy feet and cold hands. realised how dirty riding on the highway is, my high vis gear is so dirty.

    this ride to cooma and back is practice for my ride to melbourne via overnight stay in cooma and back.

    postie with 16 tooth sprocket on the front sits fine on 85kmph, smooth on 95 as well, (but on L's so ofcourse i wasn't doing that) got her up to 101kmph by accident coming down a hill, and quickly backoff so the engine wouldn't blow up. and went over 50km on the bikes reserve tank. dunno how i pulled that off. i shore was flying into the danger zone, as every K ticked over ont he meter i got more and more tense.