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My ride, your comments plz...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dalemation, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. #1 dalemation, Mar 14, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Hey all,
    I have been putting together fotage from the my ride around the Grampians last month.
    Although it is not yet finnished, as I am waiting on the last two videos, I wanted to see what people think of it so far.

    The best riding foottage is on the last two videos, so the second part will have a lot more riding bits... :cool:

    Hi res Download (42 megs)

  2. Great footage mate, awesome scenery and it looks like a great ride.
    Go the GS500 :grin:
  3. I find the footage boring, but the video is very well put together.

    Well done. :cool:
  4. Thanks MG & Wedge :)

    Boring? What would make it less boring?
    Wheelies? :cool:
    Not that your gonna see any :oops:
  5. maybe the snoozy song sets the mood to be "boring".
    i like a perfect circle... but yeah... nah... need something a bit more upbeat.

    at the moment I'm noticing the editing too much... if that's what you were going for then good stuff. but the footage looks like it's taking a back seat to all your fancy dissolves and fades. K.I.S.S.

    keep up the good work.
  6. Waz a'ight I reckon.

    Felt like I was Ned Kelly though throughout most of it though.....

    Looking thru that little slot...
  7. :LOL: Exactly that. I'm more into street stunting & action packed vids etc.

    Dont get me wrong. Top job done matey. Your worst job is 10 times
    better than anything I could ever do. Its just not my scene, thats all. :wink:
  8. Yeah... The effects are a bit overkilled..
    As for the song, I was trying to get the "cruisie" feeling rather than the "fang." I thought it hit the mark.
    The over editing is defenitly a good point.

    Thanks all :)
  9. +1
    Great clip, but the song is definately 'put me to sleep' music.
    Otherwise I thought it was triffic! :grin:
  10. dalemation

    Hey man i loved this one.

    This is exactly what i have been putting together myself lately and my plan is to do some footage in the Grampians also in the next couple of weeks and also a trip down the Great Ocean Road for another one.

    I am about an hours ride from the Grampians and i have been wanting to get there to see it all after the fires and i was so surprised to see that there was actually water flowing in the falls.

    Some shots of some kangaroo's up at Zumsteins or even a panoramic view from the top of the Pinnacle would be good but that takes some climbing :grin:

    I have learned a lot from watching your video with the presentation of my own so thanks for posting and i look forward to seeing the finished copy.

    What software package did you use for this :?:


  11. Great Ocean Road, Grampians... are you following me?
    Lol evey one should do these trips!
    The Alps is my next target ;)

    Lucky bugga!

    It sounds like you know the area well. Next time I'm out that way we are going to have to catch up!!

    I used Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, VirtualDub and a few more for converting .Vobs :)

    If you realy want good footage to learn from:
    Lines Just beautiful footage!
    seppes.com nice riding and music.
    drsardonicusHighly styilized. :)
  12. Well you have got me goin now as i am now planning to go up maybe Wednesday or Thursday if the weather holds up.

    I was going to ride it last Month on my way home from the Charlton rally but it was raining when we got to Ararat so i gave it a miss.

    Thanks for the links i'll check em now.