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My ride today

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Ljiljan, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. I'm not experienced enough in my riding to notice slight differences in how a bike feels. I've had my license for a few years, but actualy time owning a bike is significantly less, and time in saddle of owned bikes is considerably less still.

    A few days ago I went out on a short ride. Tootled slowly around my street (it's in a loop) to start with to warm the engine a bit. At one point I was going faster than I maybe should have been and a 4wd pulled out of their driveway in front of me and I had to stand on the brakes. In the process, I felt a knock on the tyre, like it locked momentarily. Weird. I took a brief look and couldn't see anything out of ordinary. Tentatively continued on around the block but there were no other issues so I went for my ride.

    Today I was gearing up for a proper ride. Got to the top of the street and felt it again, this time sharply and happened three or four times - almost felt like the wheel was loose and grabbing on the callipers. This prompted a much closer look and I saw that the right side front bearing had all but fallen out of the axle.:eek::bolt:

    A very cautious 2km to the closest mechanic followed. Not my preferred option but all I was willing to risk.

    So now I'm dreaming of the hills and waiting for the call to say it's fixed instead of riding the hills.:cry:

  2. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky that a, you werent travelling fast at the time and b, that you were close to home and you managed to get to a mechanics without incident too!! Go buy a lotto ticket!! :)
  3. Fark! I don't know what a front bearing is.

    But lotto tickets are always good. :D
  4. front wheel bearing sorry. Essentially they make sure the wheel rotates about the axle, not some axis of it's own desire. Also when wheel bearings fail it can be catastrophic.
  5. bad news, mate, better get them to check the bearing surfaces in the wheel, too, I recall a couple of years ago the rear wheel bearing on Loz's Hornet collapsed and he ended up having to replace the wheel as well