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My Ride Today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stokedpaz, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. This afternoon I had a ride up the Old Pac with a mate. I have done a bit of suburb riding, rode up the F3 to do P's and back along the old road once. I feel like this was my first proper ride though.

    I started off a little slow and nervous but gradually built a bit of confidence (nothing silly). I started to get a bit more speed and I could feel that I was actually starting to lean the bike over. It felt AMAZING!!!

    I nearly had an off too. This massive goanna (I thought it was a branch) was just sitting on the side of the road and decided to run straight at me as I rode past. It was too sudden and late to swerve, I hit it and nearly lost the front end. Bit of a wobble, but saved it just before the corner.

    I learnt a few new things today too.
    * Toes on the pegs, not heels. When my peg scraped I nearly took my toes too...
    * Relax hands and arms. Don't grip bars too tight and keep arms down. Lightly push to counter steer.
    *Find a good line for cornering. Find something to look at up ahead that is in the direction I want to go and look right through the turn.
    * Smooth throttle. Don't roll on and off through corners, go in slow enough to just need a gradual roll on through the turn and power out.

    I had an absolute ball, learnt a heap and can't wait to get out there again!!
  2. Your first proper ride and you're scraping the pegs. I'm impressed.
  3. I think I know why this happened. After my mated looked at my tire. he said that its pretty much squared off. He said that when I turn, rather than a gradual lean, my bike would kind of fall quicker and have less rubber. He alsolooked some number and reckons they were put on in 2004. Anyway, another thing I learnt is that I need new tires.
  4. Next time use a tyre instead of a tire.
    You'll be amazed at the difference.
  5. Ah yes tyres. It is getting a bit late.
    Does anyone else find going for a ride mentally draining? Or is this just because I'm not really used to it? Either way, I'm knackered!!
  6. They're the same thing really. Riding will always be mentally and physically draining if you go far enough. Your body will adapt, give it time.
  7. You needed new tyres in 2006!!!
    You'll benefit from some softer tyres as well.
    There is alot going on when riding a bike. You need to give your brain time to convert to a biker brain which has to run at a much higher level, but it will gradually come to you as Lilley said.
    You have to allow time for your body to adjust as well.

    In the meantime concentrate on you skills, completely forget about speed. That is a consequence of all these other things falling into place.

    Don't get beyond yourself - pain awaits.
    The minute you feel everything is rushing at you and you're getting overwhelmed, you ARE!... So slow it down.

    Some days are better than others, don't force the issue if it's one of the off days. Slow down and let it come to you. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen...enjoy the spirit of riding, and leave the practicalities for another day.
  8. Don't be impressed...it's not a good thing!
  9. Thanks for the advice Raven. I know what you mean. At first I was worried about keeping up with my mate, but it started to freak me out a bit so I just dropped off and concentrated on what was going on with me.
    I have a lot of things to focus on before I can think of going fast. I really need to get some new tyres before I head out there again!
    Looking forward to a maybe going for a ride with some members here, hopefully I can learn from you guys too?
  10. just a FYI

    The date the tyre was made is stamped onto the sidewall of your tyres (cars too)

    Look for a 4 digit number, eg mine says "3710" which translated means the 37th week of 2010.

    Just a futher FYI, some countrys ban the sale of car tyres over 6 or 8 years old (from memory) due to deterioration. These tyres get exported to countrys without such laws (eg australia) so before you purchase a tyre, the numbers might be worth checking (try for the youngest tyres)

    Edit: Should mention I dont know if the age ban thing applies to bike tyres also (dont know if we also import cheaper older stock like car tyres so it mightnt be a issue)
  11. Cheers Prawns, I'll go check out the number and see what we have on there...
  12. Glad you enjoyed your first old pac ride. I can still remember a mate taking me up there, was my first time on a freeway (even in a car) lol.

    If you were scraping pegs then I can guarantee you were leaning your body to the outside of the corner, meaning the bike has to lean more (unnecessarily, throwing away traction and your ability to tighten your line if the corner started tightening up). Dont worry about leaning into the corner yet but try to keep your body in line with the corner if that makes sense? If a pic helps, you were doing C, A is ideal - but since you're new just start with B.

  13. I thought the OP meant he scraped the footpegs when he hit the goanna?
  14. Thanks for the tips. Come to think of it, the tip the peg did scrap, I think I was leaning the other way. I didn't really think about it.

    I think I am starting to get a few bad habits, but it is only early days so I need to get out of them now!

    Menotyou, the goanna and the peg incidents were different ones. I was on a straight, close to a corner when it ran out at me.
  15. At this point you just need to remain seated in the centre of the bike, leaning WITH the bike, don't lean away from the corner

    And most of all, sign up for some riding classes, straight away.
  16. I will try to focus on these things next ride. I know I have a lot to work on.

    Definitely will sign up to some riding classes, however will have to wait until I can afford it. They are not cheap, I know they are worth every cent though.

    Until then I am going to get some new tyres. Ride as much as I can concentrating on advice I pick up along the way. I have one mate who said he is willing to ride with me, watch what I do and give advice where needed, but he is always busy or I have something on when he is available. Need more rider friends.
  17. on my first ride of the spada, after several months off out of the saddle I scraped the pegs. It had very low pegs though, with feet in relaxed position on the pegs you could easily go foot flat to the ground just weaving on a straight road.

    as far as advice goes, I would suggest spending best part of a day for a few days doing laps of a good road, OPH or Macquarie pass for example.
  18. Sorry stokedpaz, misinterpretation.
  19. Go with B...I followed a cop on a super blackbird...yeah vs. my GS500?....,of course I was following...some serious lean but he was fixed in the saddle.
  20. Most of the time, I use the A pose, especially when it's wet and slippery. When new tyres were recently installed, their first 150 kms saw a lot of the C technique employed, to progressively break them in at slower, safer speeds.

    For general riding, I should use technique B more.