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My Ride - Daytona 675

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UDLOSE, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. I thought I'd finally put some pics up of my new bike. I bought it about 6 months ago and have done a few small mods to it since then.

    I've slowly started playing with the suspension and have made some small gains.

    Specs are;
    -'08 Daytona675 Special Edition
    - Yoshi pipe
    - Gold Pazzo shortys
    - Woodcraft rearsets
    - Fender eliminator
    - Air filter
    - Triumph tune loaded to suit pipe and filter









  2. its very purrty. Cant wait to finish uni and get one :D
  3. i was going to buy 1 but didnt like the seating position, so i went with the R6, still like them though, search for flux's post and check out what hes done with his, looks magic
  4. never mind, heres his pic, top job

    (photo from FLUX)
  5. that silver sidestand stands out, just a bit. he did a beautiful job of it.

    Is my current dream bike, but in the real world is about 4th on the list.
  6. Yeah, that's the SE I want. Would get the triples powdercoated or electroplated black though, but otherwise it's hot. Oh, and the subframe/pillion pegs.
  7. yo marty. just picked up a street triple R
  8. Nice, looks good, but needs a clean ;)


    OMFG. Matte black Daytona... brb need to clean up!
  9. Hell yeah! You loving it? We've gotta get out for another putty run :dance:
  10. damn straight.. yeah putty some time soon for sure. over xmas i have a few weekends free that we can meet up. got a few other triple riders that will come
  11. I'll come too.. and sit behind whichever tripple has the loudest pipe =D

    Congrats Marty, I really like the daytonas.. if only honda made a slightly more comfortable version I'd have one in a second. As you've said there isn't that difference in speed compared to the 900, well at least under 200. But it certainly is better in corners, amazingly chuckable.
  12. The original is an awesome looking bike!! But the matt black look here is AWESOME'r!!!
  13. the good noise is from the front jared
  14. The red wording on flux's bike. Would they be custom made stickers or ordered from Triumph? I can't stop looking at this bike. Any chance of more pictures?
  15. Custom made, but using the Triumph originals as a basis.

    The stickers are a serendipitous thing. There are identical stickers under the matte finish overcoat, but the matte paint finish caused the red stickers to appear more like a burnt orange color unless the bike is wet, and then they would appear as red.

    The solution was to overlay a 2nd set of stickers on top of the painted-in decals to bring back their true-red color when the bike is dry, but the pleasant thing about it now is that the stickers now have a real embossed appearance to them, and really stand out against the matte black.

    A more complete set of pictures can be found here:


    BTW, congrats on the new machine Marty/UDLOSE.
  16. how tall are u flux?
  17. i vote flux's bike the best on NR it is gorgeous!
  18. Taller than many, shorter than some.
  19. Drool...

    Def up there on my list of dream bikes...