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My ride at last

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by carpetbelly, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Woot, finally picked up my ride ready for doing my Ls this weekend...

    I know some people knock Hyosungs but meh, Im happy to risk it hehe :D




  2. I reckon it looks great! Good luck with your L's. :)
  3. mate it's still two wheels of freedom, ride what you can afford and save your money for the bike you really want when your restrictions are over .. and just ignore the biege people who want to knock.
  4. exactly, it was the most comfy thing to sit on for me... i was looking more for the gs500 but I just didnt feel too right on it unfortunately.

    Ill do my time on the restrictions then get something that will hopefully be a lot of fun! hehe, still it beats having a car and fills up my 'scooter' space nicely hehe
  5. it looks mean as :D congrats!
  6. looks great mate! again its no ones decision but yours what bike you get. you will be very happy with it.
  7. Congrats! Have fun with the new ride.

    I picked up mine as well yesterday evening. A Yamaha V-star 650 Custom. :)
  8. nice set of mods, too, (apart from the dubiously legal rear guard :LOL:)
  9. (would look a million times better without the grab rail)

    not half bad though, always thought about streetfightering mine (if you could call it that). Now I know.
  10. Yeah, the rear guard is hmmm, well, prob illegal lol... luckily I got the L plate hanging quite low off it at the moment. Maybe that might disguise it a bit hehe.

    And yeah, Defo thinking about removing that grab rail and also purchasing the ventura rack grab rail to just tidy that rear end up a bit for when I dont need the big rack part attached.

    Still got the belly pan to get fitted and then a respray down the line. Im thinking black with a cherry red flake in it. And maybe even a gel seat of some ilk, even with my padded ass I think it needs more padding. Or just getting used to it lol
  11. I guess you know that there is a "low-rise" Ventura rack, with a small box-sized bag that attaches to it? I bought one when I first got the Hornet, I planned on putting it on when I did smaller trips, but I put it on once and it's never been off in over six years (except when I use the big one for long trips).
  12. hmm yeah, Id forgotten about that one... Never looked to hard for those yet. No rush on anything though but defo good to remember that for next time. Cheers :D
  13. great mate, looks a bit like the arr project hyosung they did a while back.