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My RGV track bike build

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by r0ddy, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hi, im new here but thought id share my project with you just incase anyones interested.

    Earlier this year i moved from the UK to melbourne, managed to get myself a job and a little place in Elwood. All was going well so i decided to get a new bike, but having sold my gsxr back home to pay the bond and first months rent at our place.

    my old bike (at a very wet Donington Park)


    So.. onto the next one.

    I managed to pick this up, complete but in boxes and with the permission of my ever faithful better half, set about it in our spare bedroom.


    I then proceeded to strip down the bike in order to see what needed replacing and what could be re-used




    Now RGV's have an inherent weakness in their powervalves, as some of you will know... this can leave to catastophic engine luncheon. this is how my bike came to be in pieces...

    This is what a powervalve looks like.....


    This is what happens when the centre pin fails and it drops into the cylinder.



  2. Meanwhile......whilst quiet at my new job, i taught myself to weld and made a paddock stand...


    I then rebuilt the motor, with new pistons, rings, small ends and a replacement cylinder and head. fitted new subframe and other bits and pieces.


    trial fitted the new bodywork.


    we had a flat inspection so the bike had to go outside.


    fitted new painted bodywork.




    Well after getting everything together i took her for a spin up the road, but unfortunately some of my fears were confirmed when it kept trying to jump out of 2nd gear . Its another weak part of the rgv, the dogs on the 2nd gear arent beefy enough so i went and got a replacement and fitted it.


    took her for another spin and she now pulls like a train!

    and with 100 bucks worth of stickers she's finished, ready for a seaon of trackdays, then probably a bit of racing, just need to see what its elligble for.


  3. Well done Roddy, nice build too. I like the Tyga kits, look pretty neat. There's a few of us RGV riders on this forum.
    Lots of parts available etc.
    Where did you get your barrel replated? Did you do both or just the scored one?
    Broadford is a great track for the RGV.
  4. very nice bike mate

    you mind giving us a rough estimate of total costs?

  5. Cheers guys!

    hey man, i recognize your name from rgv250.co.uk

    i didnt get a replated one, i managed to get a low k used one for just over 120 bucks, if your after a replated one i know a guy who has a whole heap of replated barrells.

    im off up to broadford on friday, hopefully the weather isnt too harsh, my first time back on track for a year!

    all in including the bike its cost me about 2800 to get it to where it is now
    ready to ride with fresh pistons, rings, chain, sprockets, decent tyres, new front brake pads, rear brake disc + pads, tyga gear + painting and other bits ive probably forgotten about.

  6. very nice. I like.

    I think you may still need to add a seat.
  7. looks heaps good with the stickers on :D

    the wafer thin piece of foam where your bum goes functions as a seat lilley (apparently) :p
  8. ahh, I failed to notice that.
  9. Yeh that's me hehe. I'm working Friday so can't get down there...yes please definately let me know about the replated barrels. I want to grab a spare as I just did the same with mine. I found a rebuilt crank as well so I'll put a whole new engine together.
  10. $2800?! ****ing nice mate.
  11. I am in awe! And nice to see another Brit on here...

    I hope it makes you smile for a long time to come.

  12. Welcome aboard mate, and very nice project. I'm a bit of a stroker fan and have a thing for Suzukis... so naturally love the RGV series. The Tyga kits for them look awesome, and you've done yours up well I reckon.

    You should be able to enter into the Post Classic Racing Association's events, under the 'New Era' (1983-1989) Formula 3 category. Theres a link to their site HERE if you want more info and technical ruling. I'm looking to run my G4TR in road-racing guise with them, once I finish the rebuild, so might see you on the track!

    Cheers - boingk
  13. Trouser-tightening.
  14. was a good day at broadford weather was scorching, was going well in green group, untilll.............................................................................

  15. shiiiit, whats the damage? :(
  16. More importantly, you didn't hurt yourself did you? Nice project. Shame you couldn't bring the GSXR with you, or perhaps just as well ...

    Anyway - Welcome. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery - for the 2smoker and yourself.

    As an afterthought, what happened? How did you come unstuck?
  17. OUCH! Sorry to see that happen Roddy.

    Looks like a t12 off over the blind left?

    You ok mate?
  18. hey, yeah im ok. my ankles feeling a bit sorry for itself though, no break, but pretty swollen.

    bit more pissed about my helmet, got a couple of deep scratches, so im inclined to believe its a write off. brand fricking new too!

    need to have a good look at the bike, but cant get it off the truck just yet and i cant really ask the mrs to do it, she's already running around after me!

    it was having a few problems before the off anyway it was running a bit sluggishly, i had a quick look over it and its lost all its coolant and looks like the cylinder base gasket has leaked.

    could really do with a garage right now as i ve got no space to strip it down. i
    dont think the other half can handle having it back in the kitchen.
  19. So it seized?
  20. nope, didnt seize. had a bit of a front end slide and sat up.

    looks like forks are bent too, anyone know somewhere that does straightening in the melb area?