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My reverse SMIDSY that wasn't

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by AngryAnt, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. So going for an appointment on Glenferrie Road Malvern, heading south, last Friday, probably about ten AM, traffic is heavy as this is a "high street" type situation with shops on both sides and tram tracks. I'm enjoying filtering past cars at lights down the busy street and feeling pretty good about myself and my l33t bike skillz. I pass the destination on my right so I want to chuck a right hand turn into Stanhope St. and park up. Traffic is busy both ways. I stop (briefly) on the tram tracks waiting to turn right - an oncoming car also wants to turn right. Great, I think, I can quickly turn right while traffic stops behind him as he's blocking half the remaining lane (it's two lanes each way but the first lane is mostly blocked with parked cars). WRONG ASSUMPTION. A volvo comes moving up on the inside of the car turning right just as I turn across.... I think "Oh shit" but luckily for me the driver is alert and stops rapidly, avoiding t-boning me. I continue my turn into Stanhope and park up all the time thinking "lalalalala I'm just pretending that never happened". Later I thought about it more and gave myself an swift uppercut.

    Completely my fault - I made a split second decision to take advantage of the guy turning right ASSUMING that traffic would stop behind him. I was LUCKY the volvo driver (yes I know what you were thinking about volvo drivers earlier) was alert enough to see me turning across him and responded quickly. I would have copped the grill, bonnet and possible windscreen in short order and being side-on my left-leg would not have been in very good shape, who knows about the rest of me. I reckon he was doing about 20-30km/h before braking.

    Of course I should have sat tight in the road centre and waited til I had a better feeling for what oncoming traffic would do. The guy turning right was not going anywhere in any case due to heavy traffic going in my direction. I made a spur of the moment decision and got away with it, but it was not a nice feeling to realise that I was relying on the alertness of a cager (Volvo cager no less) to prevent me from a trip to the hospital or worse.

    On the positive side this is one of the few times since I started riding where I have really felt that I made a big mistake and put myself in harms way, particularly regarding other traffic. Learning is fun.

    Scene of the crime/my stupidity here. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=263+g...=CPI7flfFCMhWFhZeUj0hjA&cbp=11,179.84,,1,20.1

    And thanks to Mr Volvo for being on the ball too.
  2. that's similar to how I had my accident and I can tell you that you wouldnt've been too bad, I was not wearing motorcycle boots and I only suffered a broken ankle and a hairline fracture in my right wrist. you look pretty fit to me so I don't think the age difference would make much of a difference.
  3. Close shave ant, good to hear nothing bad came of it. If i'm doing a similar turn as you did, I try and stand up on the pegs to have a look if anything is coming the other way, and creep forward slowly until I know it's clear. Takes a bit longer but helps you avoid that sickening feeling you felt of the car controlling your safety.
  4. Kernel, call me crazy but running off the road into an embankment and being T-boned by a car at an intersection don't really seem all that similar to me.

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  5. Good general tip Mike... But what made my error worse was that I was aware of cars coming behind the one turning right but assumed they would stop.

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  6. Learn from it and move on, mate.

    NEVER do that again.

    I'm glad you made it through.
  7. Thanks Hawk... Lesson learned.

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  8. Bloody SMIDSY's
    Sorry to hear your dilemma, glad your got out of it ok. You have to find the idiot before he finds you. Whom in this case was the idiot I will leave alone LOL

    Shoite happens. Deal with it and learn. Then move on lol.

    I was at a roundabout today. Stopped waiting to enter the roundabout.
    No one knows how to indicate through a roundabout so I watch their wheels and nothing else. He has his right blinker on. As Idiots do that go strait through roundabouts. God I hate them.
    So anywho I watch the wheels and they don't turn to the right. They stay strait. So i stay put.
    Mr idiot P plater thinks beauty lets roll. Right up my friggen ass. And of course he had to be in a bloody goat wagon(4wd) with a bull bar.
    I have a Nitro FGXR6T. How the fark cant you see that???
    Idiots are everywhere. Rules or legislation wont help you from them. Find them before they find you.
  9. Thanks for sharing! It gives me an emotional lift to see people thinking, introspecting & learning from mistakes ... there should be more folk like you in the world :)
  10. Glad you're OK mate.
  11. Glad everything was all good in the end mate. Hope that uppercut didn't hurt too much.

    I have to be honest, I've done this previously, in a car, but still done it.
  12. Glad you're OK Antoman, could have been nasty.

    OMG WTF?
  13. Thanks for all the support/positive criticism guys. Even you Kernel!
  14. Glad you are ok. (y)
  15. I thought that steel cap hiking boots would suffice. Apparently they do not. They did hold up very well in the accident though, I haven't look closely but I haven't notice any substantial marks on them. Still wear them to this day (not while riding the bike though).
  16. Sorry Kernel, I should have been more constructive with my criticism:

    Only? C'mon man, I know you're only young, but do you think before you post? Do you reflect on things that have happened in your life?

    If you're talking about the crash from the PMR, plenty of people have been in similar or worse situations & had less damage because of the right gear. I know because, I've picked them up off the side of the road too.

    If it was a different crash, would motorcycle boots have prevented the break? How can they have "held up very well" if you walked away (or didnt'!) with a broken ankle?

    Sorry for the hijack.
  17. They held up well because they did not break... it was a different accident. I'm not sure if my current boots would've made much a difference in this crash (still better than my hiking boots) but if I had $300+ hard shell boots with ankle protectors then I might've walked away.
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    you've had another accident? Oh lordy.
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    The one the you guys know about was #2. K's talking about the accident he had before that one. He has posted about it before... He became someone's bonnet ornament, so I can see why he sees the similarities.
  20. Ok, thanks for the clarification Danny. Kernel clearly has more experience crashing than I had previously given him credit for.