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my research needs you! :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by elrond, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. UPDATE: feel free to email your responses!
    s 4 0 2 9 4 7 at student dot uq dot edu dot au

    Hi everyone

    Normally I wouldn’t subject people to some erroneous survey but this one *has* a point and needs your help!

    I am conducting a research project as part of my final year of study in journalism (I also do IT – excitement is ) on news audience demographics and I have been asked to garner info from a local group – who better than my fellow riders?

    If people could take the time (I promise it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes) to respond to my anonymous survey (I know who you are on the forum but my research findings will not note anyone’s identity) your responses will be invaluable.

    Your responses will shape the development of several news stories that will ultimately be for you and posted for your viewing.

    It is hoped my research and subsequent stories will show a connection between content and audience preference (i.e. you guys will like it and find it useful based on what you’ve told me).

    To respond to the questions please quote the whole survey in your reply post and insert answers where appropriate.

    If you would rather send me your responses privately feel free to PM me.

    Thanks everyone


    ------------- Questionnaire -----------

    I-1: Where do you live? (suburb is fine)

    I-2: What is your connection to the riding forum?

    I-3: What is news to you?

    Part A: Background

    A-1. How old are you?
    Younger than 20
    50 or older

    A-2. What gender are you?

    A-3. How would you describe your present employment?

    A-4. What kinds of work have you done in the past?

    A-5. What is your current job?

    A-6. Which (if any) other countries have you worked or lived?

    A-7. Do you read newspapers?
    Yes, a lot
    Yes, a little
    Not really
    No, not at all

    A-8. Do you listen to news on radio?
    Yes, a lot
    Yes, a little
    Not really
    No, not at all

    A-9. Do you watch news on television?
    Yes, a lot
    Yes, a little
    Not really
    No, not at all

    A-10. Do you use computers or any kind of digital technology (e.g. mobile phone, portable/desktop computer, internet) to keep in touch with news around your community?
    Yes, a lot
    Yes, a little
    Not really
    No, not at all

    A-11. Please select three of the following choices and order them most used to least used ways you get news in your community?
    Friends tell me (word of mouth)
    Web (online news sites)
    Radio news broadcasts (short-wave or otherwise)
    Chatting in shops, clubs or pubs
    Internet discussion groups or chat sessions, web or otherwise
    Internet chat sessions, web or otherwise
    By fax or letter by workmates or family
    By telephone by workmates or family
    Other (please help by giving a few details)

    A-12. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
    Some High School
    High School
    Some Tertiary
    Bachelors Degree
    Some Postgraduate Study
    Competed Postgraduate Study

    A-13. Have you done any formal training involving computers?

    A-14. Have you done any formal training on how to use the internet?

    Part B: Online

    B-1. Which of the following best describes your experience of the accessibility of news on the internet?
    Very easy to access
    Easy to access
    A little difficult to access
    Very difficult to access

    B-2. Which of the following best describes your experience of the reliability of news on the internet?
    Very reliable
    Quite reliable
    Undecided / No experience
    Not very reliable
    Not at all reliable

    B-3. Which of the following best describes your experience of the usefulness of news on the internet?
    Very useful
    Quite useful
    Not very useful
    Not at all useful

    B-4. Which of the following best describes your experience of receiving news in your community?
    Very good: I already get all the news I want
    Quite good: I could use more news input
    Not very good: News availability needs attention
    Not good at all, we need a major change

    B-5. Normally, how many hours do you spend using the World Wide Web a week?
    More than 10

    B-6. How many online newspaper web sites do you visit when you are browsing the World Wide Web?
    Normally 1-2 a week
    Normally 1-2 a day
    Normally 2-5 a day
    Normally 5 or more a day

    B-7. Indicate what you think are the most important aspects of a quality online news Bulletin (choose 3):
    Accuracy: Both truth and technical such as spelling
    Speed: The ability to read the news fast
    Curiosity: The ability to read analysis as well as reports
    More brief reports than long analysis
    More scope for reader involvement
    More pictures and adverts
    Other (please note):

    B-8. Please respond to: “If I had a choice, I would prefer a news website which sorted stories by”:
    Computer time codes (latest news stories from anywhere in the world appear first)
    Computer region codes (stories from my region appear first, then time sorted)
    Computer keyword search (topics containing keyword sorted by time/region)
    Humans (all stories reviewed and presented according to editors choice)
    No order (stories stored in searchable database)
    Other (please specify)

    B-11. Name the item of digital technology, or other change, which you think has made the single biggest change to the way you get news in your community?

    Section C – Specific Interests

    C-1 What types of news attracts most of your attention?

    C-2 How important do you consider news as part of your daily life?

    C-3 How do you feel motorcyclists are portrayed in the news?

    C-4 Is this portrayal accurate, where does it stem from?

    C-5 Is there something about news or you as a consumer that you wish to mention that has not already been covered?